Configuring UIM server options

The UIM server resides on the mainframe and handles communication between the console and console-enabled mainframe products and features. After the UIM server is installed, you must configure the UIM server. For information about customizing the UIM server, see Administering User Interface Middleware (UIM).

The console is the graphical user interface (GUI). The console runs on a client workstation under the Microsoft Windows operating system and communicates with the UIM server through TCP/IP technology. For information about installing and using a console, see your product's documentation and Administering User Interface Middleware (UIM).

For more information, view the Quick Course Installation System - Infrastructure Configuration.

For a list of Quick Courses about the Installation System, see PDFs and videos


The UIM server libraries are installed during the installation process if:

  • You installed any console-enabled products.
  • A console-enabled feature (such as the DBA Toolkit) is included with a product that you installed.

Use the following information to complete the UIM Server Middleware Options panel during the configuration process:




A name for the UIM server started the task procedure

The default name is UIMx. The procedure contains the required parameter and statements for the UIM server address space. The installation process configures the procedure. The UIM started task name must be defined to your security package with an OMVS segment (TCP/IP requirements).

Execution Account Number

The account number under which the UIM application server will run

The account number must comply with your site standards.

UIM Port Number

A port number

A port number is the address of a TCP/IP application on an IBM z/OS image. The UIM server has one port number that clients use to contact the UIM server. For the appropriate port number for your site, contact your TCP/IP administrator.

Encryption Level

The encryption level that UIM uses for user credentials

Specify one of the following options:

  • 1=NO

    This value indicates that there should not be any encryption of the credentials between UIM and the client.


    This value indicates that if the z/Series processor and the client support encrypted credentials, encryption should be used.


    This value indicates that encrypted credentials are required and connection attempts using non-encrypted credentials will be rejected.

  • 4=SSL-IF

    This value indicates that if the z/Series processor and the client support SSL, encryption should be used. If support does not exist, CREDENTIALS-IF will be attempted. If that is not supported, the connection will be rejected.


    This value indicates that SSL encryption must be used on any connection, and non-SSL connection attempts will be rejected. Caution is advised, as older clients may not support the SSL standard, and be unable to connect to the server.

Note: If you specify 4=SSL-IF or 5=SSL-REQUIRED, see the following topics:


The USS file system path for the web services definition files

UIM must have read/write access to this path. The default setting is /tmp/bmcuim.

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