Configuring a MainView product

Use the following procedure to configure a MainView product.


  • After running the installation and configuration jobs, the initial instance of the MainView CLIST is in the hlq.UBBSAMP data set. Copy the initial instance to an ISPCLIB data set for execution. 
  • You can also use the MainView import/export utility to configure products, see Using the MainView configuration import/export function.

To configure a product

  1. On the Configure Products or Components panel, select Configure MainView products and press Enter.

     BMIPCF30          USER1 - Configure Products or Components                   
     Command ===> _______________________________________________________________________
     Action availability is based on previously selected (or included) Products or  
     Select one of the following actions:                                           
     __   1. Configure BMC Infrastructure                        (incomplete)       
          2. Configure DB2 products                              (not required)     
          3. Configure IMS products                              (not required)     
          4. Configure MainView products                         (incomplete)       
          5. Configure Mainframe Cost Optimization products      (not required)     
          6. Configure products common to multiple product lines (not required)     
          7. Apply Product Passwords                             (optional)         
          8. Proceed to JCL Generation
  2. On the Configure MainView Products panel, select Configure MainView Products and press Enter.

     MVCPMVCS          USER2 - Configure MainView Products                        
     Command ===> _________________________________________________________________
     Select one of the following actions:                                           
     __   1. Configure Sysplexes, Systems, and Allocation Values  (incomplete)        
          2. Configure MainView Products                          (incomplete)        
          3. Import Configuration Data                            (optional)        
          4. Export Configuration Data                            (optional)        
          5. Reset All Configured Products                        (optional)        
          6. Bypass MainView Configuration                        (optional)
  3. On the Configure MainView Products panel, select (s or /) one or more products to configure and press Enter.
  4. For each product, complete or modify the definition.

    A product displays one or more panels to complete its definition. Press Enter to scroll right through the definition.

  5. Continue completing definitions until all of the products listed on the Configure MainView Products panel have a status of COMPLETE.
  6. When you are finished, press F3 until you return to the Configure Products or Components panel.

    Your definitions are saved.

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