Common modules for BMC AMI Data for IMS products

BMC distributes common (shared) modules with some of its products for IMS. If two or more of these products are installed in your environment, you might need to perform additional steps to handle these common modules.

A separate SMP/E function (YICOxxx) is provided to install common modules BMCXMRC0 (with alias DFSMVRC0) and BMCXRRA0. The function is included with many BMC AMI Data for IMS products, including the following products:

  • Recovery Manager functions and utilities
  • BMC AMI Change Manager for IMS TM
  • BMC AMI Extended Terminal Assist for IMS
  • BMC AMI Fast Path Indexer for IMS
  • BMC AMI Fast Path Online Reorg for IMS
  • BMC AMI Message Advisor for IMS

During the installation, you are given the choice of installing IMS products in a common library (IMLIB) or in product-specific libraries:

  • Choosing the common library installs the common modules in IMLIB with the IMS products.
  • Choosing product-specific libraries install the common modules in a separate library (ICOLIB).

In either case, this library (IMLIB or ICOLIB) should be concatenated first in the IMS control region STEPLIB (ahead of any other product libraries and the IMS RESLIB). All libraries that you add to the IMS control region STEPLIB must be APF authorized.

If two or more products that use the common modules are installed in your environment in different SMP/E target libraries, your environment might contain different versions of the common modules (depending on when the products were released). During product execution, the operating system loads the first module that it finds in an APF-authorized library in the STEPLIB concatenation of the IMS control region JCL. You must ensure that the most recent version of the common modules is loaded; otherwise, products that you install through an initial installation might not function. If you install all IMS products into one SMP/E target library and apply all maintenance to that library, you will always have the latest version of the common modules, and no further action will be required.

If you are installing a product that uses the common modules into different SMP/E target libraries, you must use the version with the latest SMP/E maintenance. If you do not know which version to use, perform the following steps:

  1. Browse each version of ICOLIB and IMLIB in the different target libraries.

  2. Check the assembly date in the comments at the beginning of the BMCXMRC0 and BMCXRRA0 common modules, and determine which library contains the most recent versions of the common modules.

  3. If the most recent versions of the modules are not in the first APF-authorized library that contains the common modules in the STEPLIB concatenation in the IMS control region JCL, move or copy the modules to that library.

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