Calculating storage requirements

Some views (TRLTRAC and current locks views (LS*)) require storage above the 2-GB bar. Use the following procedure to calculate how much storage your MVDB2 environment requires.
  1.  Use the following equation to calculate your storage requirements:

    (10M * x) + (1G * y) = nnnnM




    The likely number of concurrent users of the current locks views (LS*)


    The likely number of concurrent users of the TRLTRAC view


    The minimum value for the IBM z/OS MEMLIMIT parameter.


    To support two locks view users and three TRLTRAC view users concurrently, the equation would be:

    (10M * 2) + (1G * 3) = 3092M

  2. Increase the MEMLIMIT parameter to at least the nnnn value calculated in Step 1 by performing one of the following actions:
    • In the BBI-SS PAS procedure, add the MEMLIMIT=nnnnM parameter to the EXEC statement.

    • In the SYS1.PARMLIB member SMFPRMxx, verify that the MEMLIMIT parameter is set to nnnn megabytes.

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