Tips for troubleshooting the meter on Windows

Invalid API Token during installation

The cause for this error may vary.

The API token

Your organization's account has a unique API token that must be used for authentication while sending data to TrueSight Intelligence.

The TrueSight Intelligence API key for your account is available in the  TrueSight Account Manager . Navigate to My Account > Product Security.

Internet Access

Another reason for getting this message might be that you are not connected to the internet. To ensure that you have access to the internet open a browser and try to access If you are able to see the BMC Homepage your browser has access to the internet. 


Even though your browser has access to the internet you could be accessing the internet through a proxy. In this case the installation will also show the error mentioned above. You would need to start the installer with command line option

Type HTTPS_PROXY=<hostname>:<port> to force it to use your proxy when trying to access the internet.

For more information, see Using variables while installing the meter.

Troubleshooting the meter

Restart and query status

You can stop, start or restart TrueSight meter using the services applet from Windows Control Panel. For more information, Starting, stopping, and restarting the meter.

Alternatively, you can open a command window as Administrator and use the sc command to query the status, stop, start and restart the service. 

The service name for command line commands is truesight_meter. Sample commands are:

sc query truesight_meter
sc stop truesight_meter
sc start truesight_meter

View the log files

The meter outputs its log messages to the Windows Event Log, into the Application and Services category. You can save multiple events into file using 'Actions' Panel at the right side. If you intend to send the file to BMC TrueSight Support, save the file as a CSV.

Computer time synchronization

From the Date and Time settings, use the Internet Time tab to ensure that your computer is set to be automatically synchronized to Internet Network Servers. Contact your system administrator if you do not see the tab.

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