Searching for data

Click the search icon from the upper-right corner to view the search bar. Type the name of an application, device, entity, or metric to search for it, and click one of the categorized suggestions to view details. For example, if the result is an application, the KPIs, events, and devices associated with the application will be displayed. If the result is a device, the device details will be displayed.

To search for applications, devices, entities, and metrics

ApplicationsApplications provide an aggregation of data sent to TrueSight Intelligence. Start typing the application name and select the application from the list of suggestions. For more information, see Managing applications.
EntitiesStart typing the entity name and select the entity from the list of suggestions to view the list of metrics that belong to the entity.
MetricsStart typing the metric name and select the metric from the list of suggestions to view the metric details. For more information, see Viewing metric details .

Search options

SearchDescriptionSearch result
EverythingType the name of an application, device, entity, or metric. For example, if you type wx, a categorized list of suggestions is displayed. Click any of the results to display results.Details screen for the selected application, device, entity, or metric

An entityType the name of an entity and select it to display entity details. For example, type wx-loan and select wx-loan-cass-1.Entity details, including metrics and monitors

An entity followed by a metric belonging to the entityType the name of an entity, select it from the suggestions; type the name of one of more metrics associated with the entity and select it from the suggestions.Chart for all metrics; one per metric

Multiple entities and metricsType the names of multiple entities and metrics to view the details and charts listed on the same page. For example, you can use this search to compare multipleChart for all metrics; one per metric

Applications followed by metrics associated to the application

Type the name of an application, followed by a metric associated with it.

Chart for the metric

To customize a search

You can use conditions and aggregation to customize your search expression.

This search will result in a list of all 'CPU Percent Usage' metrics for entities where the metric value was higher than 90%; the search value (90) and maximum value for individual metrics are indicated by lines drawn on the chart.

Refer to the following sections to view details on using these options:

Using conditions

Search for metric values that match a specified condition across entities. For more information on the available conditions, see search conditions.


A minimum of 24 hours of data is required for using conditional search.

For example, you can search for the 'CPU Utilization' metric across entities whose usage is 50% or more. A red colored dotted line (------) is drawn on the chart to indicate the specified value (50).


The unit of measure is automatically deduced based on the type of metric and does not need to be specified. The accepted units of measure are:#, %, secs, bytes, KiB, and GB.

Search conditions

You can use the following search conditions to search for metrics based on their value:

=List metrics that match the specified valueCPU Percent Usage = 100%
!=List metrics that do not match the specified valueMemory Used != 0KiB
>List metrics that are greater than the specified valueLoan Approval Time > 180secs
<List metrics that are less than the specified valueFree Memory < 9000bytes
>=List metrics that are equal to or greater than the specified valueUsed Disk Space >= 100GB
<=List metrics that are equal to or less than the specified valueLoan Request Volume <= 100

Using custom aggregation with conditions

An average aggregation function is applied by default to all conditional searches; a line is drawn at the average value for the time period. Specify custom aggregation functions (minimum, maximum, or average) to draw a line on the chart for the metric.

For example, type CPU Percent Usage max > 70 to list all metrics named 'CPU Percent Usage' metric across your account. From the results returned, click the metric name to view the aggregation details in a chart.

The aggregation function is set to max,and depicted using an orange colored solid line (____) on the chart at the maximum value for the metric parallel to the red colored dotted line (------) for the value entered (70%). The visual representation lets you view the values between 70% and the maximum value for the last four hours (four hours is the default time range, if a temporal expression is not specified).

Conditional search with average aggregation

Loan Request Volume > 54

Conditional search with minimum aggregation

Loan Request Volume min > 54

The following aggregation functions are supported:

minDraw a line for the minimum value that the metric reached during the selected time range.
maxDraw a line for the minimum value that the metric reached during the selected time range.
avgDraw a line for the average value of the metric during the selected time range.
(Value 1 + Value 2 + Value 3 + Value n) / n

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