Production support for IT applications use case

Consult the following use case for information on how to achieve value with TrueSight Intelligence along with TrueSight Presentation Server, and the Remedy Action Request System.


The goal

The IT manager should be able to perform incident analysis using data from multiple sources such as Remedy and TrueSight Operations Management.

The workflow


You must have the following environment set up:

  • TrueSight Operations Management and Remedy Action Request System
  • TrueSight Presentation Server is configured to generate to generate events for changes in values of system metrics (For example, CPU and Network utilization) from all user computers belonging to your organization
  • Remedy Action Request System is actively used to record Changes and Incidents.

Set up data collection

Deploy an upgraded version of the unified communication tool to all users

There is a surge in the number of reported incidents.

  • Use TrueSight Presentation Server to monitor the computers and send network and application events to TrueSight Intelligence.
  • Use Remedy to monitor user requests and send events for the Changes, Incidents and Problems to TrueSight Intelligence.

Analyze event data to determine correlation

  • Use the events chart and list to filter events related to the unified communication tool, and view the relation between events.

  • A change in the number of network, application and incident events immediately after the version upgrade is a potential indicator of impact on users.

For more information, see Viewing abnormality and MVGD events.

The benefits

  • View data from multiple sources and determine in real-time, the user impact caused by various actions such as version upgrades, server migration, etc.
  • Use the correlation between data sources to determine the cause and effect of changes on your end users.
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