Viewing and setting log levels for monitoring connector usage

BMC Helix Connector Designer provides a logging mechanism to view the usage of the connector.

The log files display all the events for the selected connector. They display the following type of messages:

  • Debug
  • Information
  • Warning
  • Error

You can view the logs to monitor the usage and performance of your connectors. If you want to view only specific types of log entries, you have the option to filter the logs, or set the log levels.

To view logs for a connector

  1. To open BMC Helix Connector Designer in your browser, go to https://localhost:3000/
  2. On the Connectors tab, select the required connector, and click .
  3. On the Build tab, click .
    The Connector Log page displays the logs for the connector.
  4. You can perform the following actions in the Connector Log window: 

    To filter the type of log entries you want to view, select the message type from the Show menu.

    To search for specific log entries, enter the terms in the search box.

    To refresh displayed log entries, click the refresh icon.

    To view the live updates for the connector, click the Stream Live option.

To set log levels to record only certain type of events for a connector

  1. To open BMC Helix Connector Designer in your browser, go to https://localhost:3000/
  2. On the Administration tab, under Settings, select Connector Logging.
    A list of all the connectors that are running in BMC Helix Integration Studio are displayed.
  3. To set the log level for the connector, select the appropriate option from the Log Level list. The following options are available:
    • Debug
    • Information
    • Warning
    • Error
    Setting a log level only records the selected event types in the log files, reducing the size of the log files maintained. 
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