Troubleshooting flows

General flow issues

Issue Possible causes Corrective actions
The flow does not run.

The site used by the connector configuration is down.

Start the Integration Controller for the reference site.

The third-party service is not available.

The flow run produces an error and automatically retries the target action every 5 minutes. Information about the error is displayed in flow timeline.

  • If the service becomes available during this time, the flow run is automatically resumed.
  • If the service does not become available, you should wait for the third-party service to resume, or file a support ticket with the third-party service provider. 

The flow is not approved.

Get the flow approved by an admin user.

The flow runs, but does not receive any records.

The application account does not have the required access.

Verify the application account credentials.

The application time skew prevents (for some period of time) polling of the records.

Correct the time on the reference system. Use Network Time Protocol (NTP) to synchronize the clock.

The flow runs and receives records, but no records are passed. Conditions specified for receiving data are not correct. Specify the correct conditions to receive data.

Errors in designing a flow

Error Possible causes Corrective actions

Trigger errors

Invalid parameters are specified.

Specify the valid parameters.

The application account is not accessible.

Verify the application account credentials.

Action errors

Missing or invalid values mapped from the source.

Specify the valid values.

Required fields mapped from a source have empty values.

Map values from fields that always have values, or hard code values for the required fields.

The required fields for the application workflow have not been specified.

Specify the required fields.

To use the flow timeline for troubleshooting

You can use the Timeline section of BMC Helix Integration Studio to view all activities that are performed with a particular flow (such as flow update and flow publish). In addition, you can see the list of all flow runs and related messages.

To access the Timeline section, perform the following actions:

  1. Go to My Flows, and select an appropriate flow.
  2. In the flow profile, switch to the Timeline tab, as shown in the following illustration:

  3. Use one or more of the following options to find the information you need:

    • Use the Interval filter to view the records for the following time periods: Today, Week, Month, or All.

      Records that are older than seven days are displayed in the aggregated view, and include all the flow events for a day summarized in one record, as shown in the following illustration:

    • Use the Type filter to select the Errors only records if you want to look up only error messages. Errors that occur during the flow run are displayed as shown in the following illustration:

  4. To see the error details, click Show more.


The error types and messages depend on the connector that failed to respond appropriately during the flow run.

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