Troubleshooting BMC Helix Connector Designer issues

Use the following reference information to understand the common troubleshooting scenarios for BMC Helix Connector Designer.

Additionally, you can use the validation utility to gather information about the issues related to the connector development environment. For more information, see Validating the connector development environment

Common BMC Helix Connector Designer issues

The following table displays common BMC Helix Connector Designer issues, the possible causes of the issues, and corrective actions that you can perform to resolve the issues.

IssuePossible causeCorrective action

Cannot start BMC Helix Connector Designer on Microsoft Windows

  • BMC Helix Connector Designer is supported only on Microsoft Windows 10, and you are using a different version of Microsoft Windows.
  • Docker is not installed as a native application.
  • Docker does not have access to the file system.
  • Upgrade to Microsoft Windows 10.
  • Ensure that Docker is installed as a native application and not on a virtual box.
  • Ensure that Docker has access to the file system and your local drive (C:\ or D:\ ) is shared with Docker. To share a drive, navigate to Docker Settings > Shared Drives, and in the list of drives, click the drive that you want to share. For more information, see Shared drives Open link in Docker documentation.
  • Ensure Docker is using Linux containers and not Windows containers. To switch to Linux containers, see Switch between Windows and Linux containers Open link in Docker documentation.

For information about the prerequisites to use the BMC Helix Connector Designer, see Installing and setting up the connector development environment.

Integration Controller cannot establish connection

  • The site for the connector instance is used by some other instance of the BMC Helix Connector Designer.
  • Connection issues from the  BMC Helix Connector Designer to Integration Service development instance connection.
  • Stop the Integration Controller on the other instance of  BMC Helix Connector Designer or create a new development site for the new  BMC Helix Connector Designer instance.
  • Ensure that you are allowed to establish the outbound connections to port 61600.
Integration Controller cannot connect to the proxy server
  • BMC Helix Connector Designer is not picking up proxy settings.

As part of the BMC Helix Connector Designer installation process, you will have downloaded the rcb.cmd file. For system requirements and installation steps, see Installing and setting up the connector development environment.

Modify rcb.cmd by adding the required environment variables (HTTP_PROXY, HTTPS_PROXY or NO_PROXY) and set the value to the target proxy host name or URL. Save the file and run it. Then, restart BMC Helix Connector Designer.

Integration Controller does not start

  • The user name or password has changed.
  • The site used by the connector instance is changed or removed.
  • Update the user name and password, refresh the sites, and start the Integration Controller.
  • Refresh the sites, select a new name from the list, and start the Integration Controller.

To refresh a site, in the list of sites, click the refresh button for the site that you want to refresh.

Registration fails

  • Invalid user code.
  • A user changed registration.json manually in the file system, and it may not be a valid JSON.
  • Validate the code and register again.
  • Validate registration.json and register again.

Developed connectors are not available in BMC Helix Connector Designer on Microsoft Windows

If you use BMC Helix Connector Designer on Microsoft Windows, you might experience the following Docker issue. When the Docker engine or your laptop is restarted, the containers start before Docker shares the drive. As a result, you cannot see your developed connectors.

  • Restart the Connector Designer container by opening a command prompt and typing the following command:

    $docker restart panama-rcb 

  • If the first workaround does not solve the issue, then re-share the drive where connectors are created from the Docker service. Go to Docker > Settings > Shared drives, and select the required drive.Then, restart the Connector Designer container again.

BMC Helix Connector Designer logs

For more information about the errors that occur during the BMC Helix Connector Designer usage, check the BMC Helix Connector Designer logs. To access the logs, use the following command: 

docker logs <connector-container-name>

For setting the log level for the messages logged to the console, use the following environment variable:


While developing a connector, add the CONSOLE_LOG_LEVEL variable to the file inside a connector container.

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