Setting up the variables to support proxy servers

If your deployment model includes Integration Controller and you use HTTP or HTTPS proxy servers, as a tenant administrator, you must set up the variables to enable Integration Controller to connect to the proxy servers.

You must also set up the variables before developing custom connectors in BMC Helix Connector Designer, so that the proxy options are included in the generated connector code. For more information about developing connectors, see Developing connectors.

To set up the variables

  1. Export the variables for using proxy on a production site as follows:
    • export HTTPS_PROXY=<HOST_IS>

    • export HTTP_PROXY=<HOST_IS>
    • export NO_PROXY=<HOST_IS> 



  2. Install a production site.
    For more information about installing sites, see Installing and configuring sites to run on-premises connectors.

The environmental variables are set up; Integration Controller can connect to the proxy servers.

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