Managing users

A user is any person to whom the tenant administrator gives permission to access BMC Helix Integration Studio. Users can be administrators (who maintain the entire tenant) or end users (such as application integrators and connector developers who design their personal flows or use the catalog flows).

As a tenant administrator, use the following procedures to add users, disable or enable user accounts, reset user passwords, or edit user profiles. 

To add a user account

  1. In BMC Helix Integration Studio, navigate to Users, and click Add user.

  2. Enter the values for the following fields:

    RoleSelect a role for the user. Allowed values are End user and Admin.
    An end user can design personal flows, use catalog flows, view the dashboard, and perform user-specific tasks that do not impact other users.
    An administrator has the tenant-wide administrator privileges (in addition to the end-user privileges). Administrators can set up sites for on-premises connectors, manage tenant-wide connectors and flows, and manage user accounts.
    Last NameEnter the last name of the user.
    First NameEnter the first name of the user.
    User Name

    Enter the user name. The user must use this value when the user logs in to BMC Helix Integration Studio.


    Enter the user's email address.

    Note: You can add multiple users with the same email address.

  3. To save the user account, click the  icon.

    After you save the user account, the user account is enabled by default. An auto-generated invitation email is sent to the user's email address.

To enable a user account

  1. In BMC Helix Integration Studio, navigate to Users.
  2. Select the user whose account you want to enable, and then select the Enabled check box.

To disable a user account

  1. In BMC Helix Integration Studio, navigate to Users.

  2. Select the user whose account you want to disable, and then clear the Enabled check box.

To reset a user password

  1. In BMC Helix Integration Studio, navigate to Users

  2. Select the user for whom you want to reset the password, and click Reset Password.
    The Reset Password dialog box is displayed.

  3. To send the reset password instructions to the user, click Send.


    When you reset a user password, email notifications are sent to the email address associated with the user. If the same email address is used by multiple users, the token in the email is tied to the user for whom the password is being reset.

All users can also reset their passwords in the User Profile section of BMC Helix Integration Studio.

To edit a user profile

Users can edit their profiles to update the required information, such as profile photo, first name, last name, and so on. Additionally, users can reset the passwords to their accounts.

The following illustration shows the User Profile pane in BMC Helix Integration Studio.


  • The Username field is not editable and cannot be changed.
  • Users can change their email address at any time.
  • Multiple users can use the same email address.
  1. In BMC Helix Integration Studio, navigate to the User Profile section.

  2. Click Edit profile.

  3. In the User Profile pane, update the required information and click Save.


    You can upload a profile image in .PNG or .JPG format. The image can be a maximum size of 2 MB and a maximum height of 100 pixels.

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