Creating or deleting a connector project

To design a connector, create a connector project and then add the general connector information, API definition, and at least one trigger or action to be used in flows to complete creation of the connector project.

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To create a connector project

  1. To open BMC Helix Connector Designer in your browser, navigate to https://localHost:3000/. 
    Your browser shows a warning that states that the website is not secure. This is the expected behavior; proceed to opening BMC Helix Connector Designer.

  2. Select the Connectors tab.
  3. Click  and then select Java-based Connector (default) or JavaScript-based Connector, depending on your preferred language for the connector. 


    By default, Java-based Connector is highlighted. Click Enter to open the general information page for a Java-based connector.

    The General Information tab which includes fields that generally describe your connector, is displayed. 

  4. On the Connectors page, click the name of the required connector.

  5. On the General Information tab, provide or update general identification values for the connector as described in the following table. This information is displayed in BMC Helix Integration Studio. 

    NameEnter the name of the application or service with which the connector communicates.
    DescriptionEnter a brief description of the connector.

    The version number of the connector is automatically assigned.

    Select Auto update to update the version number when any connector configuration is modified.

    Default Category
    Select one of the following categories for the connector: 
    • File Management
    • Project Management
    • Service Support
    • Social
    • Mobile
    • Email
    • Back Office
    • Utilities
    • CRM
    • Productivity
    • Developer Tools
    • Collaboration
    • Automation
    • Development
    • Monitoring
    • System
    • Management
    • Test

    The default category is Productivity.

    This is the category in BMC Helix Integration Studio under which your connector is displayed.

    (Optional) Image

    Click Attach File to browse and attach a JPEG or PNG file of the image that you want to display for your connector in  BMC Helix Integration Studio.

    (Optional) OrganizationEnter the name of your organization.
    (Optional) Organization Identifier

    Enter a short identifier for your organization.

    (Optional) Team NameEnter the name of your team.
    (Optional) License

    License information for the connector.

  6. Add the general connector information, API definition, and at least one trigger or action to be used in flows.

After you add the required information about the connector, you can optionally add an API file to get a list of fields to add to your connectors, triggers, lookups, and queries. To complete creating your connector project, add at least one trigger or action for your connector.

The Validation Issues message box shows a warning sign until you add the trigger or action. 

After you add a trigger or action, the message box displays a green exclamation mark.

To delete a connector project

  1. To open BMC Helix Connector Designer in your browser, navigate to https://localHost:3000/.
  2. On the Connectors page, select the connector from the list.
  3. Click .

    The connector is deleted from BMC Helix Connector Designer list. The generated code files and the docker container created for the connector are also deleted.

Where to go from here

Adding an API definition file to generate fields related to the connector

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