Configuring connectors

As a tenant administrator, you must configure the out-of-the-box and custom connectors before you, other administrators, or end users can use these connectors for creating flows in BMC Helix Integration Studio.

You must create connector configurations, set accounts, and set permissions, so that the connectors can communicate with the third-party systems.

Example use case

Your company wants to integrate an application with a third-party service, such as a project repository provided by JIRA. By using BMC Helix Connector Designer, a developer creates JIRA connector that integrates an application with JIRA services.

The tenant administrator then adds a JIRA connector configuration called JIRA production in BMC Helix Integration Studio that provides the production instance details for JIRA. The tenant administrator also adds a connector account called JIRA user.

When a business analyst uses the JIRA connector to build a process or a rule in BMC Helix Innovation Studio, the connector configurations are available as connector properties. The business analyst can build a process or a rule for an application by selecting the JIRA production configuration and the JIRA user account for the JIRA connector.


Use the information in the following table to navigate to the topics that are relevant to your goals:


View the list of out-of-the-box connectors that are available in BMC Helix Integration Studio by default.

Out-of-the-box connectors
Create a connector configuration that contains information about the third-party system.Adding or updating a configuration

Create a connector account that contains information about the third-party account credentials

Adding accounts
Provide permissions for end users to use connector actions and triggers.Setting permissions
Add throttling controls to impose rate limits for integrating with the connecting application.Adding throttling controls
Generate a custom schema for a connector to apply configuration-specific transformations of the mapped fields.Generating custom schema for connectors
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