Adding or updating a configuration

A tenant administrator creates one or more configurations and accounts for a connector so that the connector can communicate with a third-party system. A connector configuration contains information about the third-party system and settings that enable the use of the connector.

Use case

Your company wants to integrate an application with a third-party service, such as the project repository provided by JIRA. By using BMC Helix Connector Designer, a developer creates a JIRA connector that integrates an application with JIRA services.

The tenant administrator then adds:

  • A JIRA connector configuration called JIRA production in BMC Helix Integration Studio that provides the production instance details to JIRA
  • A connector account called JIRA user.

When a business analyst uses the JIRA connector to build a process or a rule in BMC Helix Innovation Studio, the connector configurations are available as connector properties. The business analyst can build a process or a rule for an application by selecting the JIRA production configuration and the JIRA user account for the JIRA connector.

To add a connector configuration

  1. Log in to BMC Helix Integration Studio as a tenant administrator.
  2. Select Catalog > Connectors, and then select the connector for which you want to add a configuration.
  3. Click the connector pane (black ribbon with the selected connector's name) at the bottom of the screen to expand it.

  4. Navigate to Configuration and click Add Connection Configuration.

  5. In the Add Connection Configuration window, complete the required fields.


    • The connection details may differ for different connectors.
    • If a connector does not need additional connection details to connect to the third-party system, no additional connection details are requested.

    The following table shows an example of possible connector configuration fields:

    NameEnter a unique configuration name.Sandbox
    DescriptionEnter a description of the configuration.Test instance of Sandbox

    Select the site to be connected to the connector. The site specifies where the service is hosted and includes information that the connector requires to operate.


    Items polled

    (Applicable only to AR System, ITSM, and Jira connectors)

    Enter the number for records that should be queried by the trigger of each flow run.

    Number of instances

    Enter the number of instances of the connector that you want to run at the selected site. This helps you to scale up when many flows are running by using the same configuration.

    Selected by defaultSelect this field to make the connector configuration the default configuration, especially if you have multiple connector configurations.Enabled
    Enable usageSelect this check box to enable the connector.Enabled


    (Applicable only to Remedyforce, Salesforce, and Service Cloud connectors)

    If the connector includes a production instance and a test instance, perform one of the following actions:

    • To connect to a production instance by using a default account, select the Default type.
    • To connect to a test instance by using a sandbox account, select the Sandbox type.


    • If you leave the Type field blank, BMC Helix Integration Studio uses the default configuration type and connects to a production instance.
    • If required, you can update the connector configuration and change the configuration type to connect to another instance of the application.
    Issue Type IDs (Applicable only to JIRA connector)Enter the JIRA issue type ID to define the issue types to be used as filter in the custom schema generation process.
    Remove Default Signature (Applicable only to Gmail connector)

    Set the Remove Default Signature property to true if you want the Gmail notifications generated by BMC Helix Integration Service to be sent without the following text:

    "This email was generated by BMC Integration Service (<BMC Helix Integration Service instance>)
    by User: <username>
    using Flow: <flow name>"

    Note: The supported values for removing the signature in Gmail notifications are true and True.

  6. Save the configuration.

To update a connector configuration

  1. Log in to BMC Helix Integration Studio.
  2. Select Catalog > Connectors, and then select the connector for which you want to update a configuration.
  3. Expand the connector pane, and navigate to Configuration.

  4. Select the configuration that you want to update.

  5. Modify the details and save the changes.

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  1. Ann Zbylut

    I'm looking for documentation on how to configure the "AR System" connector. On the connector configuration it is stated: "Forms Configuration (See documentation at for details)" Where can I find that?

    Apr 23, 2021 03:19
    1. Ravee Panjwani

      Please confirm if the URL shared on the other topic helped i.e. Sending and receiving data between Remedy AR System forms and third-party applications.

      Apr 23, 2021 04:54