Adding an API definition file to generate fields related to the connector

After you create the connector project and add the required information, you can add an API definition file which includes the definitions for fields required when adding triggers or actions in the later stages of connector development. These fields can be used to add input or output fields for the triggers or actions.  
If you choose not to use an API definition file, you have to manually add input and output fields when you define actions and triggers for the connector.

Make sure that the API file does not create duplicate field values.

Before you begin

Locate the intended API definition file on the target application's website or a public API repository, such as ProgrammableWeb and save the definition file on your local machine or network.


The currently supported API definition format is Open API (Swagger) and JSON.

To add an API definition file to your connector project

  1. To open BMC Helix Connector Designer in your browser, navigate to https://localHost:3000/.
  2. Log in to the BMC Helix Connector Designer.
  3. On the Connectors tab, click the name of the connector to which you want to add an API definition file. 

  4. On the General tab, in API Definitions, click Attach Files in the API Definitions section.
  5. Browse and upload the definition file you downloaded earlier. 

  6. Click Save.
    You must have defined a trigger or an action for the connector to save the project. 

Where to go from here

A connector must have at least one trigger or action to be used in the flows. If you have not defined at least one trigger or action for the connector, add a trigger or action before saving your connector project.

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