Accessing BMC Helix Integration Service

Customers who purchase a license for BMC Helix Innovation Studio or a supported product based on BMC Helix Innovation Studio, such as BMC Helix Business Workflows, also have access to a production instance of BMC Helix Integration Service.  Customers and partners who sign up for the developer program Open link  for BMC Helix Innovation Studio or BMC Helix Business Workflows have access to the developer instance of BMC Helix Integration Service.

BMC Helix Integration Studio does not require setup or installation. You can access the production and development instances as follows:


BMC Helix Integration Studio supports version 42.17134.1098.0 of the Microsoft Edge browser.

As a tenant administrator, you must log in and accept the license agreement before other users can access the application. You receive the initial credentials by email. 

  1. Open the production or development instance in your web browser.
  2. Enter your username and password, and then click LOG IN.

  3. Accept the license agreement.


As a tenant administrator, you add the end users and other administrators to your tenant. For more information, see Managing users.

New users receive emails with the initial credentials. All users can change the passwords to their accounts in the User Profile section of BMC Helix Integration Studio.

BMC Helix Connector Designer and Integration Controller installation

If you plan to integrate on-premises applications or services on a production site, you should install Integration Controller. For more information, see Installing and configuring sites to run on-premises connectors.

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  1. Terje Moglestue

    Accepting the license agreement is one thing. If the BMC Helix solution is on-premiss with there be a separate charge for the BMC Helix Connector Designer? By starting using the Helix Connector, the environment become Hybrid. It is nothing wrong with that, but there quickly become a few more considerations and safety concerns that need to be clarified.

    Jun 12, 2023 08:47