20.02 enhancements

This section contains information about enhancements in version 20.02 of BMC Helix Integration Service.

Support for BMC Helix Operations Management in Proactive Service Resolution

BMC Helix Integration Service introduces a deployment scenario for Proactive Service Resolution (PSR) that involves BMC Helix Operations Management instead of TrueSight Operations Management on-premises. You can use BMC Helix Operations Management to establish PSR and integrate event management with incident management in your organization. 

BMC Helix Integration Service provides the out-of-the-box Helix Ops Mgmt for PSR connector and out-of-the-box catalog flows with this connector. The Helix Ops Mgmt for PSR connector supports the same use cases as the TrueSight Ops Mgmt for PSR connector. Use the Helix Ops Mgmt for PSR connector in flows to convert events from BMC Helix Operations Management into related incidents in BMC Helix ITSM.

For more information about PSR, see Proactive Service Resolution with BMC Helix Integration Service and Use case: Automatic incident management.

For more information about setting up PSR, see Setting up Proactive Service Resolution to enable automatic incident management.

Improved usability in BMC Helix Integration Studio

BMC Helix Integration Studio introduces an enhanced user interface for updating flows. The view for updating flows is similar to the view for creating flows in Flow Designer, as shown in the following illustration:

The Details section in the flow profile is disabled and is displayed in the read-only mode, as shown in the following illustration:

This enhancement enables consistent user experience and simplifies the process of modifying the triggering conditions and field mappings in flows. For more information about updating flows, see Updating or deleting flows.

Conditional mapping enhancements

Use conditional mapping in flows to fulfill complex integration dependencies between the source and target applications. The following improvements are applied to conditional mapping:

  • You can publish a flow with conditional mapping to the catalog.
  • You can view information about conditional mapping while debugging a flow.
  • You can view information about conditional mapping while comparing a flow with the template.
  • You can add, modify, and delete multiple properties in a default or conditional mapping for a target field.

For more information about conditional mapping, see Adding or copying flows.

Ability to use the same email for multiple users

As a tenant administrator, you can add new tenant administrators and end users who have different user names but the same email address. All users can change their email addresses in the User Profile section of BMC Helix Integration Studio, as shown in the following illustration:

For more information, see Managing users.

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