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This section contains information about enhancements in version 19.08 of BMC Helix Integration Service.

An improved JIRA Service Desk connector to support attachments

Starting with the 19.08 release, BMC Helix Integration Studio supports passing the files attached to the JIRA Service Desk comments when running flows. For more information about the JIRA Service desk connector, see Out-of-the-box connectors.

Ability to delete custom connectors from BMC Helix Integration Studio

While configuring connectors, you can delete a custom connector (including a connector that is not installed) from the list of all available connectors on the Catalog > Connectors page in BMC Helix Integration Studio.

However, you cannot delete a custom connector that has a connection configuration associated with it. For more information about the connectors configurations, see Configuring connectors.

New transformation options to design flows

While transforming mapped fields in Flow Designer, you can use new string transformation functions. The new functions enable you to configure the flows to perform the following actions:

  • Remove the HTML tags used for text formatting to send plain text to a target system.
  • Depending on a condition in a source application, set the boolean fields in a target application to True or False.

Additionally, starting with this release, you can apply the following transformations between fields of different types:

  • String to integer
  • Integer to string
  • Date to string
  • Date to integer
  • Integer to date

For more information about the transformation options in Flow Designer, see Transforming mapped fields.

Ability to apply custom schemes to existing flows

In BMC Helix Integration Studio, in a flow profile, you can refresh the custom fields to apply an updated custom schema to an existing flow.

For more information about refreshing the custom fields, see Generating custom schema for connectors.

Password reset option for end users in BMC Helix Integration Studio

In earlier versions of BMC Helix Integration Studio, only tenant administrators could reset passwords for the end user accounts in their tenants. Starting with 19.08 release, end users can change their passwords in the User Profile section of BMC Helix Integration Studio by completing and saving the following form:

For more information about the options related to user management, see Managing users.

Enhanced BMC Helix Integration Service user interface

Version 19.08 of BMC Helix Integration Service introduces an enhanced user interface in BMC Helix Connector Designer and BMC Helix Integration Studio for improved information experience and usability.

BMC Helix Connector Designer enhancements

The following enhancements are implemented in BMC Helix Connector Designer:

The Build tabIncludes improved instructions on generating, registering, and starting a connector.

Building connectors
The Deploy tabIncludes improved instructions on deploying a connector.

Deploying connectors
The Delete option

The Delete button that enables you to remove a connector in BMC Helix Connector Designer is moved out of the General tab for improved usability.

Creating or deleting a connector project
Generated code

After generating a connector, in the generated code, you can view examples for triggers and actions that accept URLs with a form encoded type.

Additionally, you can view instructions on how to use the authentication token received from the authentication call in initialization. 

The generated code might include helpful instructions and links to the corresponding documentation. The illustration shows examples of the available instructions in the generated code.

Building connectors

BMC Helix Integration Studio enhancements

The following enhancements are implemented in BMC Helix Integration Studio:

The Sites pageAs a tenant administrator, you can view the new Site Details section. The following additional information about the sites is displayed:
  • The last status update (a timestamp that indicates when the information was received from the site)
  • The list of connectors configured for the site (including primary status, secondary status, and information about the connectors, such as connector name, version, and a Free label for basic connectors)
  • (Applicable only to production sites) Information about the virtual machine: host name, host type (primary or secondary), and operating system

The following illustration shows an example of the Site Details section for a production site:

The following illustration shows an example of the Site Details section for a development site:

Installing and configuring sites to run on-premises connectors
The signup page

When tenant administrators add new users in BMC Helix Integration Studio, these users receive registration emails with a link to the signup page.

In the 19.08 release, the signup page is improved. It contains a prepopulated user email address, and users can enter their first and last names when creating their accounts.

Additionally, if users access the signup page by following an expired or previously used link, the fields in the signup form are not active and an error message is displayed, as shown in the illustration.

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