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This section contains information about enhancements in version 19.05 of BMC Helix Integration Service.

HTTP proxy support for custom connectors

Starting with 19.05 release, custom connectors can operate and make HTTP requests by using HTTP proxy. The BMC Helix Connector Designer code generator automatically includes proxy options to the generated code. For more information about generating the source code for custom connectors, see Building connectors.

BMC command-line utility for testing connectors

As a developer, you can test a newly created or existing custom connector by using the BMC command-line utility. You can check the generated connector code for errors before deploying the connector to a production instance. For more information, see Testing connectors.

Validation utility for running connector environment health checks

Starting with 19.05 release, BMC provides a command-line utility for running connector environment health checks. You can use this utility to determine if the environment for BMC Helix Connector Designer is set up correctly and to troubleshoot issues related to Docker or the environment. For more information, see Validating the connector development environment.

Improved feedback for addressing connector-related errors

Developers receive improved feedback about errors when they start custom connectors in BMC Helix Connector Designer;  Tenant administrators receive improved feedback about errors when they configure connector accounts in BMC Helix Integration Studio.

New Azure Alerts connector in BMC Helix Integration Studio

Starting with 19.05 release, Azure Alerts connector is included in the BMC Helix Integration Studio offering of out-of-the-box connectors . Azure Alerts connector is available by default under the Basic pricing plan.

The following illustration shows Azure Alerts connector and its available trigger in Flow Designer:

For more information about the out-of-the-box connectors, see Finding existing connectors.

Sandbox for connecting to test instances of third-party applications

As a tenant administrator, you can use the sandbox configuration to connect to a test instance of the Remedyforce, Salesforce, or Salesforce Service Cloud application. You can then switch to the default configuration to connect to a production instance. 

For more information about configuring connectors according to your business needs, see Adding or updating a configuration

Debugger for troubleshooting flow issues

As a BMC Helix Integration Service tenant administrator or a developer, you can use the debugger to troubleshoot flow errors. The debugger shows what data is being passed and what errors occur during the flow run.

For more information, see Troubleshooting flows.

Support for flows with long-running actions

As a BMC Helix Integration Studio user, you can create flows with long-running actions. Execution of such flows might take a considerable period of time (up to a week). For more information, see Creating flows with multiple actions.

Introducing self-help

We are pleased to announce embedded self-help with guided assistance in this release of BMC Helix Integration Studio. Guided assistance helps you learn to navigate the product and to actively complete tasks. From the Self-help pane, you can start guided assistance, link to help topics, and watch videos relevant to where you are in the product and the work you are doing.

This feature is available only on Microsoft Internet Explorer 11 or later for this release.

We welcome your feedback and suggestions for additional guided assistance by adding comments when you complete the self-help guidance or on docs.bmc.com.

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