The BMC Helix Innovation Suite product is now renamed to BMC Helix Platform. To view the latest documentation, see BMC Helix Platform.

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Use cases

Consult the following use cases for information on how to achieve value with BMC Helix Innovation Suite.

Use case
Business value
Products used
Empowering non-developers to develop codeless applications Helps an application business analyst to create codeless applications in a few clicks with minimal dependency on developers or development environment, and to promote codeless applications from a development to test or production environments.
  • BMC Helix Innovation Studio
Leveraging Remedy ITSM Foundation data

Helps administrators to load and synchronize Foundation data from Remedy IT Service Management (Remedy ITSM) Suite to BMC Helix Innovation Suite.

  • Remedy ITSM
  • BMC Helix Innovation Suite
  • Atrium Integrator Spoon client
Leveraging cognitive capabilities in your application Helps a developer to automate the manual tasks, such as data categorization and task assignment, by using machine learning in their Digital Service applications.
  • BMC Helix Innovation Suite
  • IBM Watson Assistant
Upgrading to a new version of an application with zero downtime Helps an administrator to reduce the downtime in production environment when upgrading to a new version of an applications. The administrator can validate the new version in the test environment before exporting and deploying it in the production environment.
  • BMC Helix Innovation Suite
Leveraging full-text search capabilities in your application Helps an application business analyst to enable fields and record definitions for a full text search.
  • BMC Helix Innovation Studio
Automating tasks though emails Helps an application business analyst to use an incoming mailbox to automate certain tasks and to use an outgoing mailbox to send email notifications.
  • BMC Helix Innovation Studio
Extendable application definitions to allow additive changes Helps a developer to create extendable definitions. Extendable definitions ensure that the out-of-the-box objects remain unchanged, but developers can add or remove new objects.
  • BMC Helix Innovation Studio

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