Overview of the tutorial - Innovation Suite

Overview of the tutorial

As a developer you build solutions to solve complex business problems. When you first start a development project, you should thoroughly understand the business need, and design a solution to meet that need. Fortunately, we've already done the heavy lifting for you.

The Innovation Suite is an end-to-end framework that provides the enterprise features you need. Applications built using the Innovation Suite begin with an enterprise ready data management back end, authentication model, and security framework, leaving you with more time to design and develop solutions to meet your business goals and objectives.

In this module, you will review the business use case and application design to build a solution that touches upon many of the capabilities of the Innovation Suite. Then you will deploy the base application into Innovation Studio. Review this section as a detailed reference for the application design, and then follow the instructions for deploying the base application into Innovation Studio.

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  1. Virginia Leandro
    We really need to consider having Next and Previous. Right now it's a challenge trying to follow page by page in the tutorials. I have to keep scrolling back up to the top of the page, figure out which link I'm on in the left navigation and click the next link. Simply having Previous and Next buttons would be of great help here.
    Mar 14, 2017 08:29
  2. Hans-joachim Ballin
    I just started with the sample on Innovation platform https://developer3924.innovate.bmc.com
    Well all referenced Modules 1-3 are not matching on any predefined data on my demo platform.
    It would be really useful to have an advice which pre-requisites we have to use to proceed here, otherwise is is wasting my time.
    Module 1: In Innovation Studio, navigate to the Work Order library
    ==> My portal doesn't have such.
    Everything is read only I configured out.
    Now it would be useful to know on which demo platform this tutorial is based on.
    Jun 23, 2017 07:24