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18.11.01: Patch 01

Patch 01 to the 18.11 release includes the following changes:

Improved fallback mechanism for displaying localized field values

BMC Helix Innovation Suite now displays the generic system locale if the user's system locale is not defined on the Manage System Locales page. For more information, see Localizing field values

Known and corrected issues

For a list of issues fixed in this update, see Known and corrected issues

Downloading and updating the BMC Helix Innovation Suite SDK 

To download the latest BMC Helix Innovation Suite SDK for 18.11.01: Patch 01, see  Setting up your IDE and installing BMC Helix Innovation Suite SDK.

For instructions about how to update the SDK, see Upgrading BMC Helix Innovation Suite SDK to 18.11.01: Patch 01.

Information and resources

How do I request an BMC Helix Innovation Suite sandbox?

Go to

What issues were fixed in this update?

For a list of issues fixed in this update, see Known and corrected issues

How do I report an issue with the update?

If you encounter an issue, post  the issue in the Developer Community.

How can I join BMC Communities?

Click the Register link in the Developer Community where you can learn from other innovators, get resources, post ideas, and more.

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