This documentation supports the 23.3 version of BMC Helix Innovation Suite (AR System and BMC Helix Innovation Studio).

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Using the localization toolkit to localize your applications

BMC provides a localization toolkit to help you easily localize your AR Systemapplications from English to other locales.

The localization toolkit simplifies the process and it affects the following application components:

  • Forms
  • Associated views
  • Fields
  • Message catalog entries
  • Configuration data

You can use a graphical or command-line interface to localize the applications.

The process for using the localization toolkit is as follows:





Prepare your application to be localized.

Preparing your application to be localized


Install the localization toolkit.

Installing the localization toolkit


Set a root folder to store your localization dictionary and definition packages.

Setting a root folder


Create a localization package.

Creating a localization package definition


Extract the strings for localization.

Extracting the strings for localization


Export the strings to an XLIFF file.

Exporting the extracted strings to an XLIFF file


Translate the strings in the XLIFF file.

Translating the XLIFF file


Import the translated strings.

Importing the translated strings


Create or update content.

Creating or updating the content


Review the forms, views, and fields that were localized to make sure 
the translation is accurate.

Reviewing the translations


Adjust view layouts as needed.

Adjusting view layouts that have been localized

The localization toolkit supports only Unicode AR System servers.

You can use the pre-installed SQLite database for testing purposes but use an AR System serverfor production purposes. For more information, see Setting a root folder.

The following video (19:20) describes how to use the localization toolkit. (The video is recorded using the earlier version of AR System and is valid for AR System9.x and later.) Open link

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