This documentation supports the 23.3 version of BMC Helix Innovation Suite (AR System and BMC Helix Innovation Studio).

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User goals and features

BMC provides a large set of task-based, conceptual, and reference information about BMC Helix Innovation Suite features to help you be successful with your BMC Helix Innovation Suite implementation. Each section in the reference information contains a home page with goal-based topic summaries and links to instructions.

The following video (03:40) gives an overview of how different roles interact with BMC Helix Innovation Suite:

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Roles and permissions for Innovation Studio applications

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The following table lists the BMC Helix Innovation Suite users and provides and overview of the goals that these users can achieve by using BMC Helix Innovation Suite:

Define users, permissions,  business rules, and allocate resources

Build code-based applications

Build codeless applications and improve business processes

Secure BMC Helix Innovation Suite

Use BMC Helix Innovation Suite

Use the information in the following sections to understand the details of each role listed in the table:


  • Manage access and permissions for all users.

  • Create new applications by defining a new data model with role or license restrictions, and field-level or client-level security features.

  • Define the organization's work processes and business rules.

  • Allocate servers and database resources.

  • Build applications and create deployment packages to deploy applications in development, test, or production environments.

  • Define a new package of component, libraries, abstractions, and related configurations and code.

  • Create and deploy codeless applications.
  • Define those features of an application or library that are open to customization, while minimizing opportunities for consumer customization to interfere with the correct functioning of the application.
  • Create new components from platform services.

  • Integrate the application or platform with other applications, systems, and processes to meet the organization's requirements.
  • Perform maintenance activities for BMC Helix Innovation Suite.

  • (On-premises) Deploy BMC Helix Innovation Suite.

For more information about the administrator's tasks, see Administering


  • Create new components for external services by importing supporting library files to the development environment.

  • Create and modify service management applications that reflect a set of work processes and business rules.

  • Localize an application for use in other languages or countries.

  • Integrate external applications with BMC Helix Innovation Suite.

  • Write custom plug-ins for clients that use the AR System C API, Java API, or Java plug-in API.

For more information about building code-based applications, see Developing and deploying code-based applications and Developing applications in AR System.

Application business analyst

  • Deliver tailored applications and process automation that improve the quality of services delivered to stakeholders.

  • Provide improvements in business processes.

  • Modify application definitions within an application for which you have access.

  • Customize applications without programming skills or tools training.

For more information about building codeless applications, see Developing codeless applications.

Security administrator

  • Implement security policy, standards, guidelines and procedures to ensure ongoing maintenance of security.

  • Manage user accesses for single sign-on, which includes managing server configuration, authentication mechanisms, and multiple realms.

For more information about securing BMC Helix Innovation Suite, see Securing BMC Helix Innovation Suite.

End user

  • Raise incident and service requests.

  • Analyze or consume a customized or out-of-the-box service management application.

For more information about using the BMC Helix Innovation Suite, see Using.

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