This documentation supports the 23.3 version of BMC Helix Innovation Suite (AR System and BMC Helix Innovation Studio).

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Troubleshooting overall Mid-Tier performance issues

When you observe performance issues of Mid Tier, use the following information to enable appropriate logging, troubleshoot and resolve the issues, or create a BMC Support case.


  • Mid Tier client is slow.
  • Mid Tier client quits responding after running for some time.
  • Performance can be isolated to a specific Mid Tier.
  • Web server processes continue to run even though it is not responding to requests.


All users connected to the specific Mid Tier experience the problem.

Diagnosing and reporting an issue




1Review the configuration

Verify the Mid Tier and AR System server configuration. See Health check from AR System Mid Tier perspective Open link .


Determine the frequency of the performance issue

Determine the following:

  • Does the problem occur at start up only? 
  • Does the problem occur after running for a predictable interval?

Enable logs and reproduce the problem

To analyze the JVM supporting the Mid Tier:

  1. Take thread dumps during the time of slowness or unresponsiveness. The following options are available:
    • Use jVisualVM to gather thread dumps/heap dumps. See How to enable the Java JVisualVM process to collect logging Open link .
    • For Mid Tier version 9.1.02 or later, use the Thread Dump feature found on the Log Settings page of the Mid Tier  Config Tool. This feature will create 5 separate thread dumps at a set interval. The Mid Tier thread dumps will be stored in the midtier/logs directory on the specific Mid Tier .
    • For earlier Mid Tier  versions, see How to collect thread dumps in midtier without using JMX, jvisualvm or other third party tools Open link .
  2. Enable detailed Mid Tier  logs by using the log categories: SERVLET, PERFORMANCE. See Enabling detailed Mid Tier logging .
    Detailed Mid Tier logging connects a specific Mid Tier to the processing AR System server. The HTTP request can be tracked to the Mid Tier log to determine if the delay is in the Mid Tier layer.
  3. Enable web server logs. See Gathering webserver logs .
4.Disable the logging

Use similar steps as mentioned in the topic Enabling detailed Mid Tier logging to disable the logging.

Remember to disable the logs from each Mid Tier on which logging was enabled.


Collect the logs

Copy the logs to another location where you can review them so that they do not get overwritten. Remember the logs may be large depending on the volume of activity during the logging period.

Mid Tier logs and Mid Tier thread dumps:  Zip the generated thread dumps and all the logs in the location specified on the Mid Tier Config Tool - Log Settings. The default location is C:\Program files\BMC Software\ARsystem\midtier\logs for a Windows based Mid Tier or /opt/bmc/ARsystem/midtier/logs for a Linux based Mid Tier.  


Creating a BMC Support Case

Collect and send logs and detailed information when creating a case with BMC Support:

  1. Provide the following information as part of your case:

    • Name of the user who executed the action.
    • A description of the slow transaction.
    • The steps to trigger the action beginning at the login process. These steps must be detailed (on a step by step basis), document any data loaded or selected along the way.
    • Error messages received.
  2. Gather the logs, thread dumps and config files from step 6 into a zip file.
  3. Attach the zip file to your case (up to 2 GB) or FTP the files to BMC. See Steps to send logs, files, screenshots, etc to BMC Support for a Product related case Open link .
8Analyze the logs

You can review the logs yourself to try to identify error messages or behaviors.

Use the following table to troubleshoot based on your symptoms and error messages.

Error messages and resolution


Mid Tier 9.x becomes unresponsive due to logs

Mid Tier 9.1.03 or better

Disable the Internal log category on the Mid Tier Config Tool - Log settings.

Sync cache feature causes server lockup or performance problems

Mid Tier 9.1.02 or earlier

Upgrade to Mid Tier 9.1.03 or later.

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