This documentation supports the 23.3 version of BMC Helix Innovation Suite (AR System and BMC Helix Innovation Studio).

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Log-style audits

A log-style audit records data from the main form into a log form. The log form has the following key aspects:

  • Is a regular form that serves as the destination for data audited in the main form.
  • Resides on the same server as the main form.
  • Contains only audit-specific fields. 
  • Can contain data from multiple main forms.

When you configure a main form for a log-style audit, you specify a name for the log form. When a main form is audited, AR System copies values from the main form to a text field in the log form.

Log form fields

The log form does not contain the same fields as the main form. In addition to the core fields, the log form contains the following fields.

Log form fields

Field name



The actions that triggered the audit. The options are:





Fields Changed

The database names of the audit fields that changed. The syntax for the list is as follows:



The user that modified the entry in the main form.

Original Request ID

The Request ID of the form being audited.


This field is set if the main form contains a field with ID 179.


A list of field-value pairs that represent the changes to the main form. The syntax is as follows:


Form name

The name of the main form.

Log Key 1
Log Key 2
Log Key 3

The fields that help in searching of log entries.

Audit Date

The date and time when the audit occurred.

Last Modified By

The user who created the entry in the audit form last. AR_AUDITOR is always the user who creates the entries.

 Log keys

When a log form is created, it contains special character fields named Log Key 1, Log Key 2, and Log Key 3. These fields can help in searching of log entries.

In Developer Studio, you can set a field to any of these Log Key fields. During an audit, the value of this field goes to the key that was selected.

Only three keys are available, and you cannot set two fields to the same log key. You cannot set log keys for diary and attachment fields.

Log form characteristics

Log forms have the following characteristics:

  • Have a fixed set of fields.
  • Do not belong to any application when they are created.
  • Do not belong to any lock block when they are created.

While audited main forms are imported, if the main form is audited in Log style and the Log form is not found, auditing for the main form is turned off and a warning Form not Found. ARError 303, is returned.

Watch the following video for information about how to create Log-style Audit on a form:

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