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Leveraging cognitive capabilities in your application

As a developer or an administrator, you can automate manual tasks in an application by using AI Service Management (Categorization and Classification). Examples of manual tasks that you might automate include the categorization of data and the assignment of tasks.

Auto-categorization and auto-assignment use the IBM Watson machine learning capability. You can use these capabilities to automate manual tasks in your application workflow. Auto-categorization and auto-assignment are available as elements in the Process designer and Rule designer of BMC Helix Innovation Studio.

Roles involved in this use case

The following roles are involved in this use case:

  • Developer
  • Administrator


In the support organization of a company, when an end user reports of an issue with a service, a help desk agent creates a ticket, and based on the information provided by the user, classifies the ticket, and assigns it to a support group.

A user reports that they are unable to send or receive emails, so the agent identifies this problem as a network issue, creates a ticket based on the issue description, and assigns the ticket to a support group that has expertise in resolving network issues. This process is manual and can be error prone.

To overcome the challenges posed by the manual process, the CTO of the organization decides to automate the process of categorizing and assigning of tickets by using AI Service Management (Categorization and Classification). A developer then develops an application that includes AI Service Management (Categorization and Classification) capabilities. The application now uses the built-in cognition required to classify an issue based on the end user's natural language and assign that issue to the right support group.

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Adding cognitive capabilities to a custom application

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