This documentation supports the 23.3 version of BMC Helix Innovation Suite (AR System and BMC Helix Innovation Studio).

To view an earlier version, select the version from the Product version menu.

Integrating Approval Server with an application

To link your application to the approval server and configure the approval process, you must perform the following tasks:

  • Creating an approval request form that requesters will use to enter approval requests. For more information, see Creating an approval request form.
  • Creating two join forms that join your approval request form with two different approval server supporting forms. For more information, see Creating the join forms to connect your application to the approval server.
  • Running the arjoinfix utility to configure the join forms for the approval server
    The following approval server forms are used to create respective joins with the approval request form:
    • AP:Detail
    • AP:Detail-Signature (a join of AP:Detail and AP:Signature created at the Approval Server level)

For more information, see Adding the approval request form to the approval server.

  • Entering the approval request form in AP:Administration
  • Defining the processes and rules in AP:Administration
  • Adding workflow (at least one filter) to the approval request form that will start the approval process
  • Adding notifications to your process

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