This documentation supports the 23.3 version of BMC Helix Innovation Suite (AR System and BMC Helix Innovation Studio).

To view an earlier version, select the version from the Product version menu.

Enabling services

Use the information in this section to know how you can use the BMC Helix Innovation Suite services and libraries to customize your applications.

See the following tables for the actions you need to perform inBMC Helix Innovation Studio and AR System to enable the services.

Enabling services in BMC Helix Innovation Suite

The following table lists the actions you need to perform to enable services in BMC Helix Innovation Studio:

Extend your application to include an approval mechanism that facilitates the end-to-end execution of events from when a user requests until the request is addressed—either approved, rejected, or canceled.Adding an approval process to an application

Configure the Approval Serverand set up the approval process.

Configuring the Approval Server

Configure Full Text Searchso that users can search for data more quickly and efficiently.

Enabling Full Text Search

Integrate BMC Helix Innovation Studio with external e-signature service providers, such as Adobe Acrobat Sign and DocuSign to request e-signing of documents from your BMC Helix Innovation Studio applications.

Enabling users to e-sign documents

Configure cognitive insights as an alternative to Full Text Search(FTS).

Enabling cognitive search in an application

Configure Email Engineand enable users to interact with AR System through email.

Enabling email requests and notifications
Automate your application workflow tasks, such as assignment and categorization, and use the cognitive serviceAdding cognitive capabilities to a custom application
Enable your application to use the cognitive summarization service.Enabling cognitive service summaries for custom applications
Integrate an application with third-party systems by using connectors without having to perform any changes to the application code.Integrating with another application by using a connector
Leverage Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and third-party systems to automate any task or a manual flow within your application.Automating processes

The following table lists the actions you need to perform to enable services in AR System:

Integrate with RESTful services in a codeless way.Integrating with REST services in a codeless way

Leverage data residing outside BMC Helix Innovation Studio to appear in BMC Helix Innovation Studio as local record instances.

Leveraging external data
Integrate the Assignment Engine into an application and configure the Assignment Engine server settings.Enabling automatic request assignment

(On-premises) Configure Distributed Server Option(DSO) and set up DSO to synchronize data across multiple AR Systemservers.

Enabling distributed request processing
Define periods of availability and unavailability, workdays, and holidays to define business schedules.Defining business schedules using Business Time

Configure the Flashboardsso that users can view data through graphs.

Enabling data visualization in flashboards
Configure reports so that users can run and view reports.Enabling reporting
Set up Twitter accounts and RSS feeds so that users can receive alerts through Twitter and consume RSS feeds.Enabling social collaboration in AR System
Register users for alerts.Enabling alert notifications

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