This documentation supports the 23.3 version of BMC Helix Innovation Suite (AR System and BMC Helix Innovation Studio).

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Enabling browser logging for a BMC Helix Innovation Studio application

BMC Helix Innovation Studio provides logging capabilities that you can use to track the activities and debug issues with the application. The logs provide information about the actions invoked in the client during its interactions with an application. All the log messages are logged to the browser console. You can view all the server, angular, JAVA, API, SQL, process, rule, and user interface logs in the browser console.

To enable browser logging

  1. In the application, to open the browser console, press F12.
  2. On the browser console, navigate to the Console tab.
  3. Set the log level in the Console window, by using the rx.logger.setCategories() method.
    The method accepts an array. For example, to set the logs for API and SQL, use the following method:
    rx.logger.setCategories(['api', 'sql'])
    The logs are populated in the browser console.

  4. View the type of logs currently being logged by using rx.logger.getCategories() method.

To reset the log categories, use the setCategories() method with an empty array.

For example: rx.logger.setCategories([])

Logging levels

You can specify the following logging levels in the method to filter the log messages:

Logging levelDescription
Server logs
sqlLogs SQL logs executed on the server.
apiLogs server API messages to the console.
ruleLogs rules execution information to the console.
processLogs processes execution information to the console.
bundleLogs all the messages for the custom code.

To add multiple logging levels to the setCategories() method, separate the logging levels using comma.
For example, to enable server logging level and info level, specify the logging levels in the URL as follows:

rx.logger.setCategories(['api', 'sql', 'rule', 'process', 'bundle', 'cli'])

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