This documentation supports the 23.3 version of BMC Helix Innovation Suite (AR System and BMC Helix Innovation Studio).

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Creating tooltips with the HOVER function

Tooltips are implemented through two types of AR System server features:

  • HOVER event
  • Active link Message action

The HOVER event triggers the active link action that displays a tooltip. The HOVER event is an execution option in an active link. The HOVER event does not fire on fields that are disabled or hidden.

Depending on the field type you are working with, you can use the option buttons next to the Hover check box to select the area of the field where the HOVER event for the tooltip will be triggered. The options are Field, Label, and Data.

  • If the applicable field is a data field, all three options are enabled.
  • If the applicable field does not have distinguishable label and data areas, only the Field option is enabled.

A Tooltip selection is available as a Message action option for an active link.

Message action for a tooltip

Tooltip message actions are not available for filters.

Using the Hover function

To add tooltips to table fields and attachment pools, use the HOVER function, which, when used with a field ID as an argument, returns the value of the field being hovered over, for example:

  • HOVER(colfield ID) returns the value of the column field for the row being hovered over.
  • HOVER(tablefield ID) returns a row value for the row being hovered over.
  • HOVER(attachpool) returns the name of the file that is attached in the row of the attachment pool being hovered over.

Use the actual field ID to return the correct value. For example, if a column has an ID of 636880912, enter that value to have the correct value returned for the column. 

Using the HOVER function for a tooltip

Configuring the wait time for tooltip display

You can configure the wait time for detecting a HOVER event can be configured in two ways – by editing the file of Mid Tier, or by specifying a wait time in the AR System User Preference form.

The HOVER event specifies the wait time in milliseconds from when you hover your mouse over the text and the tooltip is displayed.

To edit the file

In the file, add a line that specifies the wait time in milliseconds, for example: 

arsystem.hover_wait_time = 1500 

where 1500 is 1500 milliseconds.

To specify the wait time in the AR System User Preference form

On the General tab of the AR System User Preference Form, set a hover wait time (in milliseconds).

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