This documentation supports the 23.3 version of BMC Helix Innovation Suite (AR System and BMC Helix Innovation Studio).

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Creating or updating the content

After you import the translated XLIFF file, the localization toolkit can create localized views, message catalog entries, and configuration data. If you have already run through this process, the localization toolkit updates existing views, messages, and data.
The locale abbreviation is appended to each new view name (not the view label). For example, a Spanish locale's view name would include "- es" at the end of the name.

To download the locale-specific sample XLIFF file, click here.

If you created views before creating a localization package definition, the localization toolkit might not be able to update them. The localization toolkit looks for views that have the same name in a form and that have the Locale property set. If the toolkit does not find a view for the locales you specified, it creates new views. For example, if you created a localized view called Spanish Help Desk for a form called Help Desk, but you did not set the Locale property for the view to es, the localization toolkit would create a new Spanish view called Help Desk - es.

To create or update the content

  1. Close any objects that you want to process in the localization toolkit.
  2. Open the localization package definition in Developer Studio.
  3. Click Create or Update.
  4. On the Localization Process dialog box, perform the following:
    1. Select the objects that you want to localize:
      • Form views
      • Form data
      • Messages
    2. Click OK.
  5. After the localization process is completed, restart your server.
  6. Delete the devstudiocache folder, which is found in your Developer Studioworkspace folder.
    Now, you are ready to open Developer Studio and review the translations.
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