This documentation supports the 23.3 version of BMC Helix Innovation Suite (AR System and BMC Helix Innovation Studio).

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Configuring AR System server logging

You can configure the AR System server logging by applying restrictions such that the log files capture only the required information. This topic provides the following information:

Concept of AR System serverlogging restrictions

You can restrict the AR System server logging based on one or more parameters. For each parameter, you can specify one or more values. To restrict the AR System server logging, use the Log Filtering tab on the Server Information form in the AR System Administration console.

The following video (7:18) provides information about the concept and benefits of applying logging restrictions. It also demonstrates the method to apply the logging restrictions.


The video is recorded using the earlier version of AR System and is valid for AR System 9.1 and later versions.

Server logging restrictions feature Open link

The following table lists the restrictions that you can apply to AR System server logging:

RestrictionDescriptionNew parameter in the ar.cfg (or ar.conf) file

Restricts logs only for specified users.

You must specify a list of semicolon separated users names. 

For example, Allen;Mike

Client Type

Restricts logs only for specified client types.

You must specify a list of semicolon separated client types (or IDs if the client type is not known).

For example, Mid Tier;Developer Studio

Important: Make sure that you use valid values for the Client Type. If you enter an incorrect value, the restriction will not be applied.

  • ADDM
  • Alert Tool
  • Application Command Dispatcher
  • Approval Server
  • AR Migrator
  • AR System Installer
  • AR UDM Adapter
  • AR Web Server
  • arcache
  • archgid
  • archgsl
  • ardist
  • arhelp
  • arimportcmd
  • arjanitor
  • arlabel
  • armaild/armailex
  • armenu
  • arreload
  • arsignal
  • arsqled
  • arstruct
  • artext
  • Asset Charge Back Plug-in
  • Asset RLE Configuration Plug-in
  • Asset Software Usage Plug-in
  • Asset SWLM Rule Engine Plug-in
  • Assignment Engine
  • Atrium Integrator
  • Atrium SSO Server
  • BPPM
  • CMDB Driver
  • CMDB Engine
  • CMDB Reconciliation Engine
  • Debugger
  • Developer Studio
  • Distributed Server
  • Driver
  • Email Engine
  • Enterprise Integration Engine
  • Flashboards
  • Flashboards Mid-tier
  • Full Text Reader
  • Import Tool
  • ITSM AppQuery Plug-in
  • ITSM CAI Plug-in
  • ITSM Common Plug-in
  • ITSM Next ID Plug-in
  • ITSM Utility Plug-in
  • Mid Tier
  • MyIT
  • Normalization Engine
  • Object Store
  • Object Store Sync Utility
  • Palm Pilot
  • Pre 5.0 Client Tool
  • Administrator
  • Install Kit (RIK)
  • User
  • Report Creator Plug-in
  • RKM Document Migrator Plug-in
  • RKM File System Plug-in
  • RKM File System Sync Plug-in
  • RKM Form Permissions Plug-in
  • RKM Group Plug-in
  • RKM Operations Plug-in
  • RKM Registration Plug-in
  • runmacro
  • Server Admin Plug-in
  • SIM Publishing Server
  • SIM Service Model Editor
  • Webservice
RPC Queues

Restrictions are applied to the API, SQL, and Filter logs only for specified RPC Queues.

You must specify a list of semicolon separated RPC Queue IDs. 

For example, 390600;390680;390620

Process Names

Restricts logs only for a list of semicolon separated BMC Helix Innovation Suite process definition names for which you want to enable the logs.

For example, SYNC Audit;SYNCAudit Start

For more information, see Viewing and downloading process logs for a BMC Helix Innovation Studio application .


 The arsql.log, arapi.log, and arfilter.log are the default log files that record the activities based on the restrictions; however, you can change the name of the log file that is generated.

The Restrict-Logging parameter is added to the ar.cfg (ar.conf) file. The following table lists the possible values of the Restrict-Logging parameter:

ParameterValue of Restrict-Logging parameter
Client Type2
RPC Queues8

The Restrict-Logging parameter controls which type of logging restriction is enabled. You can have combinations of Users, Client Type, and RPC Queues restrictions.

For example, if you select Users and Client Type restrictions, the value of the Restrict-Logging parameter is set to 3 (1+2).


  • The default value of the Restrict-Logging parameter is 0
  • The Restrict-Logging parameter has an additional reserved value of 4.

To apply the AR System server logging restrictions

  1. In the AR System Administration console, from the Server Information form, click the Log Filtering tab.
  2. Select the parameters on which you want to restrict the logging.

    For example, to restrict the logging on users and client type, select the Users and Client Type check boxes.

    For each parameter that you want to apply the restrictions on, type the value in the corresponding field.
    To add restriction on multiple values for each parameter, add semicolon separated values. For example, for restricting the logging on two users, in the Users field, enter Allen;Mike.


    The AR System server applies the logging restriction as follows:

    • For multiple parameters, the AR System server performs an AND operation across parameters.
    • For multiple values for each parameter that you select, the AR System server performs an OR operation across values that you enter.

    For example, if you select Users and Client Type parameters, and if you specify Allen; Mike for the Users parameter and specify Mid-tier for the Client Type parameter, the AR System server logs actions only if user is Allen or Mike and only if they perform an action using the Mid Tier.

  3. Click Apply.  
    The logging restrictions are applied immediately. The corresponding parameters in the ar.cfg (ar.conf) file are updated.
    You need not restart the AR System server.

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