This documentation supports the 23.3 version of BMC Helix Innovation Suite (AR System and BMC Helix Innovation Studio).

To view an earlier version, select the version from the Product version menu.

Adding rules to validate data or trigger events in a process

BMC Helix Innovation Studio provides Rule designer, a graphic-based interface, to create and customize an application's business rules. 

A rule, along with a process, models the business logic of an application. A rule aims to perform data validation and interact with a process on record events or timer events. You can create rules that are triggered based on a specific time interval or a schedule.

The following table provides you with information about the elements available in the Rule designer, how to create rules, and how to use the Connector element to integrate your application with a third-party service or application:

Understand the elements available in the Rule designer.Rule designer elements
Create a rule that defines the business logic of your application.Creating rules
Integrate your application with a third-party service or application by using the Connector element.Integrating applications by using rule connector elements
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