User-defined DD statements in generated JCL

You can define custom DD statements to be included in the JCL that is generated by automated Advisor processes, BMC-provided JCL scripts, or your own JCL scripts.

Define custom DD statements by using the DD Names parameters in the Job Control category in the Maintain Parameters window. For more information, see Job Control parameters.

The following table describes DD statements that are used for specific purposes in automated Advisor processes and BMC-provided JCL scripts.

DD statement



Identifies the BMC password library

If you define this DD statement, most generated jobs (including utility JCL generations and external tasks that are scheduled for the CPC subsystem) include this statement.


identifies a library or library concatenation that contains your customized global options modules and predefined dynamic allocation models


Defines the data set name to contain repository data that is written by the scheduled CPC repository backup utility

  • The REPGDGBK statement identifies a GDG data set. You must also define the GDG model to which this statement refers.

  • The REPBKUP statement identifies a non-GDG output data set.

If you define this DD statement, define it at the host (SYSPLEX) level.

For more information about how the utility uses these statements, see Customizing database products for IMS.

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