Understanding RMGR installation and configuration

A system programmer in a central administration group usually installs and configures RMGR and other BMC Backup and Recovery products.

If you did not install and customize RMGR yourself, a general understanding of the installation and configuration tasks that were performed might be useful as you start using RMGR.

During the product installation process, the installer provides information that is used to tailor JCL to perform installation tasks. After successful completion of the installation jobs, the installer performs other installation and configuration tasks. Then RMGR is ready to be customized, a task that is usually performed by the RMGR administrator.

For more information, see the Installation System documentation.


This documentation refers generically to the product load library (which means the library that contains the product load modules) and the product sample library (which means the library that contains the product sample JCL). The data set names of these libraries are specified during the product installation process. During the configuration process, members of the product sample library are tailored to reflect product data sets and other information that is specified during installation and configuration.

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