Setting up host connections—customizing IMS components

When you launch the console, you must define at least one host connection. After defining a host connection, you can work with resources on that host. The connection definition remains available whenever you start the console and log on.

In the IMS and DB2 perspectives of the console, the names of all defined connections are listed in the Connections folder in the Navigation window.

In the Jobs and Data Sets perspectives, you can define filters that determine which jobs or data sets are displayed. When you define a filter, you specify the connection on which to perform the filter. You can define more than one filter, and specify the same connection for all of them. For more information about adding filters to the Jobs or Data Sets perspectives, see the console Help.

In the UIMCommands perspective, you can specify which UIM servers appear as filters in the perspective by specifying the connection. The connection you specified when you logged on to the console appears by default as a filter (and not as a host connection) in the UIMCommands perspective.

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