Purging repository data

Purging repository data is a way to minimize storage requirements for repositories that store historical information about databases (the STATS data group).


Repository purge processing does not apply to data for the Recovery Advisor function or the Monitor Recovery function. Because this data has no (or only limited) historic use, it is purged automatically.

BMC recommends that you purge data from repositories daily. You can purge repository data by using the following methods:

  • Schedule repository purges to occur automatically (recommended)

  • Use the BMC purge batch utility

Regardless of the method that you use, purges are based on repository management site values. These values are user-defined parameters that let you specify how long to retain statistical information.

When the purge function is executed, repository management site values are evaluated and data that is in excess of the specified site values is deleted from the repositories. For example, if the parameters specify to keep a maximum of 36 monthly records, all but the 36 most current monthly records are purged.

This section contains the following topics:

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