Importing repository data from a PDX

The DLIARPDX utility imports data from a PDX into the Database Advisor repositories.

The utility is a conversion tool that lets you move your historical data to the repositories, so that the features in Database Advisor and the DBA toolkit can start making decisions immediately that are based on that data.

Auto Configure must be run in the console before the data from a PDX is imported. The import utility checks the repositories to ensure that a database is registered and that history data has been requested before a repository imports data. This check ensures that obsolete data which may reside in the PDX is not imported to the repository.

A PDX may contain data for one or more IMS systems and for one or more types of utilities. The user must choose the data to import. The repositories identify data for a particular IMS system by means of the RECONs that the system uses. The PDX identify data for a particular IMS by IMS ID. The user is responsible for providing the RECON1 data set that corresponds to the IMS IDs which are being imported.

The import utility is intended to run once for any specified type of data. If you try to import the same data twice, inserts to the repository fail. Repository data is not updated or replaced.

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