Importing Fast Path repository data

The MXA_FASTPATH_IMPORT subcommand (included in the Fast Path PFPEPR00 repository maintenance utility) is used with the PROCESS_EPR command to import data from the Fast Path repository into Advisor repositories.

This subcommand lets you move historical data to the Advisor repositories, providing Database Advisor and the DBA Toolkit with access to more data for greater forecasting and analysis capability.

Database Advisor stores data by the IMS system. Advisor repositories identify data for a particular IMS system by using the RECONs that the system uses. You must provide the RECON data set name that represents the group or IMS ID for the data that is being imported.

The MXA_FASTPATH_IMPORT subcommand lets you select the data to be imported from the Fast Path repository. You can select data by using any of the following criteria:

  • Fast Path repository group

  • DBD name

  • Area name, date, or both

  • Range of dates that the data was collected


The import process may run only once for any selected data. If you try to import a record after it has been imported successfully, the record is not selected for processing again. As a result, the previously inserted repository data is not updated or replaced.

Data that is selected by the import process is stored as History Space records and Performance records (detail records for the area and summary records for the database). This information is displayed in the Database History report and the Area History report. For more information, see Using BMC AMI Database Advisor for IMS and Toolkit DBA functions and the online Help.

For each record that is selected by the import process, a message indicates whether or not the record was imported successfully. These messages are generated from the PFPEPR00 batch utility when the MXA_FASTPATH_IMPORT subcommand is used with the PROCESS_EPR command.

For more information about the Fast Path repository, the PFPEPR00 batch utility, and the PROCESS_EPR command, see the Fast Path Offline Suite User Guide.

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