Getting started with BMC Helix iPaaS, powered by MuleSoft integration templates

BMC Helix iPaaS provides integration templates, which enable specific integration use cases. The integration template defines the variables to configure the integration and the workflows to execute the flow of data between the applications; for example, the BMC Helix Operations Management to ServiceNow integration templates defines the data flow of incidents between the two applications. As a developer, use an integration template to integrate applications in your environment seamlessly, with minimal coding effort. 

Integration templates are available for download for the BMC Electronic Distribution site. For more information about the available integration template bundles, see BMC Helix iPaaS overview.

MuleSoft integration template process

To deploy the integration template, complete the following tasks:

  1. Download the integration template from the BMC EPD site.
  2. Import the project file to the MuleSoft Anypoint platform. 
  3. To configure the template, update the configuration variables included in the template with access details and criteria for the integration, review defined field mappings.
  4. Deploy the project.

The workflows defined in the template use the configuration values to configure and enable the integration. 

Download, import, configure, and deploy the integration template, powered  by MuleSoft

MuleSoft integration template components

The integration template includes the following components:

Operation workflows

Operation workflows define the logic for integrating the applications, and the flow of data between them.

MuleSoft integration template operation workflow

Field mappings

Field mappings define which field from the source application should be mapped to which field in the target application.

MuleSoft integration template field mappings

Configuration variables

Include variables to add configuration details for application access, additional authentication details, and integration filters to define the values for which a workflow must be executed. 

MuleSoft integration template configuration variables

Where to go from here

To configure and deploy an integration template, see the integration template documentation. For a complete list of available integration templates developed on BMC Helix iPaaS, powered by MuleSoft, see Integrating by using integration templates powered by MuleSoft.

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