BMC Helix iPaaS overview

BMC Helix iPaaS is a powerful iPaaS platform offering to help enable a broad set of integrations between BMC products and 3rd party solutions and sources. It serves as a single point integration technology that simplifies integration between BMC Helix applications and third-party applications like Azure DevOps, ServiceNow, and Splunk.

Enterprises can leverage the broad range of available OOTB connectors to streamline and reduce time and effort to integrate across SaaS, and cloud applications resulting in faster time-to-value and efficiency for integration projects. BMC Helix iPaaS enables large scale ingestion of events and metrics for AIOps use cases. 

The following video (1:38) gives a brief overview of the integration offerings that BMC Helix iPaaS provides:

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Integration technology platforms

BMC Helix iPaaS is available for two leading integration technology platforms: Jitterbit Harmony and MuleSoft Anypoint Platform. 

The following image provides an overview of the two integration platforms:


Connectors enable you to create an authenticated application connection to integrate with other applications. The connection provides the foundation to configure associated activities that interact with the connection as a source or target, within an operation. Together, a specific connection and its activities are referred to as an endpoint. Configure connectors to integrate BMC Helix and other third-party applications, to share data and perform multiple activities on the information. Connectors are available on the Jitterbit Harmony Platform and MuleSoft Anypoint Studio.

Use connectors to:

  • Access to over 300 end points across the integration technology platforms for out-of-the-box connectivity to popular cloud and enterprise applications and databases.
  • Define connections for developing integrations between applications by using the application-specific, generic technology based, or custom connectors.
  • Connect to any system with API or standards-based connectivity by using generic connectors for service-based requests like HTTP/REST or SOAP services.
  • Configure integration processes by using connection activities and workflows.

The following image provides on overview of connectors available with BMC Helix iPaaS:

For more information about the connectors, see Getting started with connectors.

Integration templates

Out-of-the-box integration templates are pre-built solutions for integrating applications. They define the configurations required to perform activities and data transformations between the integrated applications. Configure the integration templates by providing basic authentication details and integration criteria. Use BMC Helix iPaaS integration templates to configure BMC to third-party application integrations. Integration templates are available on the Jitterbit Harmony and MuleSoft Anypoint platform.

Use intergration templates to:

  • Integrate BMC Helix applications and multiple third-party applications like ServiceNow, xMatters, and Microsoft Azure.
  • Define the connection between specific application objects like and BMC Helix Operations Management Event to a ServiceNow incident.
  • Implement the integration with minimal coding effort and basic authentication details. The complexities of configuring the integration processes are managed by the template.

The following image provides on overview of integration templates available with BMC Helix iPaaS:

For a complete list of integration templates available with BMC Helix iPaaS, see Out-of-the-box integration templates.

Agents for BMC Helix iPaaS, powered by Jitterbit

When you run an integration on BMC Helix iPaaS powered by Jitterbit, an agent is responsible for executing an operation in the integration and enabling connectivity to the data. There are two types of agents:

  • Cloud agents—Agents maintained and managed by BMC Helix iPaaS, powered by Jitterbit and located on the Jitterbit cloud platform. For a cloud agent, the example is a customer who has implemented a DevOps/ITSM use case between Helix ITSM and Github where the agent runs on the Jitterbit platform.
    For more information about cloud agents, see  Cloud Agent Group Open link .

  • Private agents—Depending on where the operation needs to be run, private agents can reside locally or on other cloud platforms like Azure, Amazon Web Services, and GCP. Private agents enable users to control which network transaction data travels and resides in. Transaction data can flow directly from the source to the target without going through the Jitterbit cloud. Private Agents provides additional options like using local files as sources or targets, adding custom plugins, or using ODBC drivers. In the case of a private agent, a customer is running the agent behind their firewall for an SAP connection with Helix ITSM to sync foundational data. 

For more information about private agents, see  Private Agents Open link .

Connector and integration template licensing

Connectors and integration templates are available based on your subscription.

The following connectors are available based on your subscription:

  • BMC exclusive— Exclusive connectors developed by BMC that are available to BMC Helix iPaaS subscribers only. Access the connectors developed on the Jitterbit platform from the Design Studio of BMC Helix iPaaS, powered by Jitterbit. To access the connectors developed on the MuleSoft Anypoint platform, download the connector files from the BMC Electronic Distribution site and install it from the MuleSoft Anypoint Studio. 
  • BMC and other third-party connectors — Connectors developed for BMC and other third-party applications that are available to all subscribers of Jitterbit Harmony or MuleSoft Anypoint Exchange. 

Integration template bundles are available based on the integration platform. The following subscriptions are available:

  • BMC Helix iPaaS - Template Bundle—Access to all integration templates developed for BMC Helix iPaaS, powered by Jitterbit
  • BMC Helix iPaaS for MuleSoft – Premium Content— Access to all integration templates developed for BMC Helix iPaaS, powered by MuleSoft


Your licensing terms limit your use of BMC Helix iPaaS to or from BMC products. Integrations between non-BMC products are not included. 

For detailed information about licensing, see BMC Helix iPaaS service Open link .

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