iChange for IMS 8.2 and 8.1.01

This space contains information about the following releases of the BMC iChange for IMS product:

  • 8.2.00
  • 8.1.01

The BMC iChange for IMS product is a high-performance, extended function, change accumulation utility. It provides the following capabilities:

  • Processes multiple Change Accumulation Groups in parallel with a single pass of all required log data
  • Supports a customizable level of parallelism for reading IMS log data sets
  • Employs extensive data reduction and encoding to reduce the amount of data that needs to be sorted
  • Performs parallel SORT processing with multiple subordinate address spaces for performance and efficiency
  • Supports a customizable level of parallelism for change accumulation processing
  • Provides for the creation of multiple copies of a change accumulation data set
  • Determines and allocates all necessary input data sets dynamically
  • Allocates all output data sets dynamically
  • Allows user to suppress output change accumulation record compression, thus allowing processor savings to occur at the expense of larger change accumulation files
  • Provides pattern data set name support for output change accumulation data sets
  • Allows the specification of generic Change Accumulation Groups
  • Creates a report that lists all required input data sets in an easy to process format
  • Integrates with the BMC Mission Control for IMS product, allowing you to view and print iChange reports from the Mission Control Repository
  • Creates special disaster recovery change accumulation data sets
  • Creates a load-and-go RECON backup for disaster recovery
  • Creates a disaster recovery report listing all data sets required to perform recovery at a disaster recovery site, utilizing an easy-to-process format
  • Allows disaster recovery points to be established without quiescing database activity
  • Uses MVS multitasking to utilize multi-engine processor effectively
  • Uses dataspaces for internal queueing and processing

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