Viewing dashboards

This topic describes the BMC HR Case Management dashboards that you can view by using the Reporting Console.


  • Users who have access to Reporting Console, by default, do not have permissions to view dashboards. The permissions for viewing dashboards can be granted by the HR agent who has Smart Reporting Administrator permissions. For information about user roles, see BMC Remedy Smart Reporting user roles Open link in BMC IT Service Management online documentation.
  • The format of BMC HR Case Management dashboard reports is the same as the format of  BMC Remedy IT Service Management reports.

To view HR Case dashboards

  1. On the BMC HR Case Management home page, click the Actions tab and select Reporting Console.
    The BMC Smart Reporting application opens. 
  2. On the BMC Smart Reporting home page, click the Dashboard menu.

The dashboard includes the following reports:

To view each report separately

  1. On the Dashboards page, select a report.
  2. Click the  button.
  3. Select View Report

Cases analysis by assigned group

This report includes two summary charts: number of cases per channel (also defined as Origin in a case form), and number of cases per support group tier (defined as Category Tier in a case form).

In this report, axis X shows the number of cases and axis Y shows the case groups.

Support group tier is the case parameter that is defined in the Main details of a case:

Cases per location

This chart shows the cases opened by employees from different company sites. If a case is opened by an employee who has no site defined in the profile, the chart counts such cases as "No Site" cases.

Cases submission trend

The trend graph shows a number of cases submitted in the selected period of time: in millisecond/ second/ minute/ hour/ day /week /month / quarter/ year.

By using the time slicer, you can select the period of time during which you want to analyze submission of cases.

To change the analyzed period of time

  1. Hover the mouse over the  icon displayed to the right side of the slicer.
  2. Drag it in a desired direction.
  3. Repeat the procedure for the left side of the slicer. 

Case SLAs by location

This chart shows site categories by SLAs:

  • Axis X shows site categories represented by case SLAs status: In Progress or Pending.
  • Axis Y shows the number of cases by each site category.

Case SLAs show the total number of cases.

Cases crosstab

This report shows a table with reports by assigned group, assigned individual, priority, and case status.

Overview of SLA statuses

This pie shows portion of cases that have one of the following statuses: in progress, met, missed, and warning.

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