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Viewing case SLAs

To understand how much time you have to resolve a case, you need to review the details of its service-level agreement (SLA) available on the SLAs tab of a Case form.


The SLAs tab shows an SLA applied to a selected case. If no SLA is applied to a case, the SLAs tab is displayed empty. The SLA applied to a case, is displayed in a separate row which includes SLA name, SLA start time, SLA end time (when conditions for SLA End Qualifications are met, and SLA stopped counting), and SLA status.

The SLA status of a case is also displayed in the SLA column, in the Cases console. 

 The search results table uses the following icons to indicate the status of service-level agreements (SLAs):



All SLAs are within target.

At least one SLA might be missed.

At least one SLA is missed.

No attached SLAs.

To view SLAs of a selected case

  1. Open the Cases console.
  2. Search for a case that you want to view, and double click it.
  3. Navigate to the SLAs tab. 

  4. Select a case SLA, and click Open.

  5. Review the following details in the Case SLA Data form:


The case SLAs count SLA targets based on the server time. 

If you are in a different time zone than the server where BMC HR Case Management is installed, count the SLA targets manually based on the time difference between the local time and the server time.

SLA Data DetailsDescription
SLA Status The current status of the SLA. It can be one of the following:

Met/ In Progress



SLA Elapsed Time (sec)The time that passed from the Target Goal Time when the SLA has not been resolved
SLA Total Time (sec)The total time from SLA Start Time to SLA End Time
SLA Start TimeThe time when the SLA starts
SLA End TimeThe time when the SLA is resolved
Total Goal Time (sec)The total time when the SLA must be resolved
Total Goal Target TimeThe date and time when the SLA must be resolved
Warning LevelThe level at which the SLA warning is triggered
Target 1 Due Date Target 2 Due Date Target 3 Due Date Target 4 Due DateThe date and time when Target 1-4 must be met
WorkdaysWorkdays and holidays date and time information
  • Notification 1 Template 
  • Notification 2 Template
  • Notification 3 Template
  • Notification 4 Template
The notification to be sent on the Target 1-4 date and time
  • Target 1 Notify
  • Target 2 Notify
  • Target 3 Notify
  • Target 4 Notify
User or user group to be notified on the Target 1-4 date and time


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