Self-service answers

When submitting a request, a self-service user might be prompted to answer some questions. These questions are part of a solution, and they are configured by the HR administrators.

The questions might be of the following types:

  • Description—a question that requires entering text describing a request
  • Date—a question that requires selecting a date from a calendar
  • Generic question—any question that requires a text input. 
    For example: "Describe the reason of your request".
  • Multiple choice—a question that requires selecting a value from a multiple-choice list
  • Branch—a question that requires selecting an option from a multiple-choice list. 
    For example: "How many children do you have?" The options are: one, two, two and more. 
  • Information—an information text box for self-service user that does not require any input
  • EForm—an eForm attached to a service request that must be filled in.

Questions that the users are asked to answer can be one of the following:

  • Mandatory or optional—defined in a solution applied in a case
  • Confidential or non-confidential—defined in a solution applied in a case. To keep an answer confidential, a self-service user can select the Confidential check box.

When a self-service user submits answers to questions available in a request form, in BMC HR Case Management console they are saved in the form of this case, and can be viewed in the Journal section on the Case Details, and the Self-Service tab.


The Self-Service Answers tab is available in a Case form only if a case originates from BMC MyIT. The tab might be blank if a self-service user has not answered optional questions in a service request form, or if a solution applied in a case does not have any questions.

On the Journal tab, answers to non-confidential questions submitted by a self-service user are displayed as details to a Self Service Responses note. If there are answers to confidential questions, these answers are marked with asterisks.

On the Self-Service Answers tab, answers to all questions submitted by a self-service user are displayed as answers to question types.

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