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All versions of the product has reached end of support. The documentation is available for your convenience. However, you must be logged in to access it. You will not be able to leave comments.

License entitlements

This section explains the entitlements that apply to licenses you purchase from BMC Software. For information about restrictions to those licenses, please see your Product Order Form.

You can download the components mentioned herein from the Electronic Product Distribution website. Use the user name and password that your BMC sales representative gave you. (This user name and password is different from the one you use to access the Customer Support site.)

If you do not have a current license for the components you want, contact a BMC sales representative by calling 800 793 4262. If you cannot download the components, contact a sales representative and ask for a physical kit to be shipped to you.

User licenses types

The following table explains the licenses that different  BMC HR Case Management users require to be able to use the BMC HR Case Management product:

License typeDescriptionThis type of license is usually provided to users belonging to the role of...The user with this license has the following permissions
FixedA user with this license has 24/7 access to BMC HR Case Management.Standard MasterCan view, change, and delete any entries in the HR Case Management console 
Standard Admin

Has the limited permissions of the standard master:

  • Cannot create companies in system settings (Actions > System Settings > Foundation )
  • Cannot view case login details (the Case Login tab is disabled in the case management console) of master users
  • Cannot create master users.

A user with this license has access to BMC HR Case Management.

The availability of the BMC HR Case Management for a user depends on the number of users with floating license simultaneously logged in to BMC HR Case Management.

If the number of users simultaneously logged in to BMC HR Case Management exceeds maximum (this value is defined in BMC Remedy AR System Server configuration), a user with floating license cannot log in to BMC HR Case Management until the other user with floating license ends up his active session.

Standard UserHR agent working with cases, can access BMC MyIT 
ReadA user with this license has 24/7 access only to BMC MyIT. Standard ViewerSelf-service user submitting HR requests via BMC MyIT

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