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Configuring BMC Remedy AR System Server

After you install BMC HR Case Management, you must make the following changes to the default configuration of your BMC Remedy AR System Server:

To configure the Email Engine

BMC HR Case Management includes functionality for managing incoming and outgoing emails through the Email Emails Engine on the BMC Remedy Action Request System. You configure the Email Engine as described in the following workflow:

Emails schema

After the incoming mailbox is configured, HR agents with Standard Administrator and Standard Master user roles can review the emails in System Settings > Email Settings > Incoming Email - Review Emails.  

After the outgoing mailbox is configured, HR agents can send emails from cases, tasks, or solutions forms.

See the following topics in the AR System online documentation for configuration details:

  • Configuring incoming mailboxes Open link
  • Configuring outgoing mailboxes Open link

To enable request management in BMC MyIT

You must enable request management so that BMC MyIT users who have READ_ONLY licenses can submit service requests.

  1. As an AR System administrator, log in to BMC Remedy AR System Server.
  2. Navigate to ARSystem Administration > ARSystem Administration Console > System > General > Server Information.
  3. Click the Licenses tab.
  4. For Submitter Mode, select Locked.
  5. Click Apply.

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Configuring Mid Tier server

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