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Adding people records

You can create two types of people records:

  • Case user people records—Records about system users who have access to BMC HR Case Management data: HR agents, HR administrators, HR masters, and self-service users having access to solutions in BMC MyIT. These records are saved on BMC Remedy Action Request System Server, in the system forms: User form, and COL:CORE:People form.
  • People records (non-case users)—Records about people (can be records about customers, VIP persons, and so on) who do not have access to the BMC HR Case Management system. These records are not saved on the BMC Remedy AR System forms.

This topic describes how to create people records and includes the following section:

Before you begin

Before creating users, configure the following settings:

SettingSetting PathReference topic
Person typeActions > System Settings > Application Settings > Menus > Modify Person TypeConfiguring menus
SalutationActions > System Settings > Application Settings > Menus > Modify SalutationConfiguring menus
Site NameActions > System Settings > Locations > SitesConfiguring location
Organization NameActions > System Settings > Foundation > OrganizationsConfiguring company organizational structure
DepartmentActions > System Settings > Foundation > OrganizationsConfiguring company organizational structure
GroupActions > System Settings > Foundation > GroupsAdding groups and roles

To add a people record

  1. Open the People console.
  2. Click New.
  3. In the People form, complete the mandatory and optional details on the tabs:


    Request Details

    RequiredThis tab contains mandatory details that you must complete to save a people record. For more details, see Request Details.

    Case Login


    This tab is displayed only if you set Case User flag to YES on the Request Details tab. This tab contains mandatory details that you must complete to save a case user record. For more details, see Complete Case Login options.

    Manager Details


    This tab displays an option for selecting a manager from the Manager Name list. Only one manager can be defined for an employee. 

    The manager details (email, phone numbers, Employee ID, and Manager Login ID) are automatically filled in with data from a profile of the selected person.

    Note: The Manager Login ID field is available starting from 4.7.01.

    Confidential Data


    User details such as National ID, or annual salary are considered confidential, and can be viewed only on the Confidential Data tab. 

    The data available on the Confidential Data tab can be accessed only by the following users:

    • Standard Master users with no restrictions
    • Standard Administrator users only if the Confidential Information flag in their People form is set to Yes

    For details about completing the confidential data, see Confidential data.

    Challenge Questions


    You can add challenge questions so that HR agents can verify the users for whom you add these details by phone. You can add as many challenge questions as you need.

    The questions and their answers can be later used for verification of self-service users by phone. When an HR agent opens a case based on a phone request, he must verify that the person who is calling is the right person. An HR agent opens Challenge Questions tab, and asks questions that are available on this tab. If a person answers the questions correctly, he can be verified.   

    You can add multiple challenge questions, modify, or delete them when necessary.

    Related Items


    On the Related Items tab of a user profile, you can view and add the following types of items related to a user:

    • Assigned cases to an HR agent
    • Requested cases by an HR agent, or by a self-service employee
    • Related person - can be added from the Related Items tab
    • Related cases - can be added from the Related Items tab
    • Related journal - can be added from the Request Details tab.

    Follow these steps to add a related item:

    1. Click Add.
    2. From the Filter By list, select Case or People.
    3. In Search, type a search criterion, and start search.
    4. Select an item in the list and click it.
      The selected item (a case or a person) appears in the Current Related Items list.

    5. Click Relate and click Close.



    On this tab, you add professional skills.

  4. Click Save & Close.

Overview of people record details

The following sections describe the details of people records that you might want to add or modify:

Request Details

The following table explains the Request Details tab:


Personal Information

Complete mandatory basic details:

  • Person Type
  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Email Address
    Note: The email address must be unique. The system does not allow to create users with an email that was used earlier and then was deleted from the BMC HR Case Management.

(Optional) Complete identity details:

  • Employee ID
    Note: Starting from version 4.7.01, this ID can be used when searching for people records:
    • In a Case form: In the Requestor and the On Behalf Of user fields
    • In a Solution form: In the Owner field
  • Middle Name
  • Salutation 
  • Suffix
  • Preferred Name
  • User Avatar—upload a photo if necessary

(Optional) Complete location details:

  • Site Name
  • Organization Name
    The Department Name field is automatically populated with the data from a selected organization

(Optional) Complete contact details:

  • Work Phone
  • Home Phone
  • Mobile Phone
  • Home Mobile Phone

Review the default values for the following fields, and make necessary changes:

  • Is this person a manager
    Select YES to make this user available for selection for other users on the  Manager Details tab.
  • Is VIP
    Select YES to specify this person is a very important person.
  • Case User
    Select YES to enable BMC HR Case Management access for this user.
  • Receive Notifications
    This field is enabled only for case users. Select to YES to define the user receives email notifications about updates in related cases.
    Note: In BMC HR Case Management version 4.6 to 4.7, the Receive Notifications field is available on the Case Login tab.

Address Details


  • Address
  • City 
  • County
  • State/Province
  • State/Province Abrv
  • Country
  • Country Code
  • ZIP/Postal Code

Case Login Details

The following table explains details on the Case Login Details tab:

Case Login DetailsComplete the following fields:
Default GroupsSelect default groups for the following group types:
  • Default Data Group—a default data group that associates an HR agent with solutions
  • Default Assignment—a default assignment group that associates an HR agent with cases the agent can be assigned to. When a case is created and its assigned group corresponds to the assigned group of an HR agent, the case can be assigned to this HR agent.
You can add, delete, and modify available data groups and assignments in the Data Group, and Assignment lists respectively in Actions > System Settings > Foundation > Groups. For details, see Adding groups and roles.

Login Options


Set the Receive Notifications flag to YES, so that the user receives email notifications about the updates in related cases.

Note: In earlier versions (4.6.00 to 4.7.00), the Receive Notifications flag is available on the Case Login tab.  

Case Admin Functions


Important notes:
  • You can change Confidential Information for any user except Standard Viewer if you have one of the following roles:
    • Standard Administrator with the Confidential Information flag in the People form set to Yes 
    • Standard Master
  • You can change the Roles Administrator only if you are a Standard Master.

Define which of the Case Admin functions you would like to enable for this person:

  • Confidential Information - if you select YES, this user can view the confidential information of other users (available in the Confidential Data tab of any user).
  • Roles Administrator - if you select YES, this user can create another users with administrative permissions, and confidential information (the Case Admin Functions is enabled).
Permissions and GroupsSelect one or more groups to add an employee to the selected groups.

Confidential Data

On the Confidential Data tab, you can add the following confidential details:

  • National ID
  • Nationality
  • DOB—Date of birth
  • DOH—Date of hire
  • Primary language
  • Language spoken
  • Annual salary

The Age and Years are automatically calculated after filling out the DOB.

To add more than one spoken language

  1. Select a language from the Languages Spoken list.
  2. Click the Languages Spoken field, and type comma.
  3. Select additional language from the Languages Spoken list. 

To add a salary value

  1. Select a currency from the Annual Salary list.
  2. Click the Annual Salary field.
  3. Type a numeric value before the currency type.

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